**Post NM codes/sales here!**

  1. Please post any Neiman Marcus promotion codes here.
  2. "nmbes7" for free shipping with any beauty purchase. plus select 3 beauty samples. expire 4/28/07
    NM is having a GWP of any sisley purchase.
  3. anyone have a free shipping code that doesnt require a beauty purchase? thanks!:yes:
  4. any codes for april?
  5. I didnt try but I hear "summer" might work.
  6. thanks nycaramel... summer worked like a charm
  7. SUMMER worked for me too! Thanks!
  8. TRENDNM for free shipping on all purchases
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Y'all probably know this already, but the NM Incircle double points event is April 12-14, and the first purchase gets a 1000 point bonus. I think the bonus applies to in-store only, but the double point deal is online as well.
  11. Hi boxermom,

    I got the email from NM notifying me about the double point event but I didn't see anything about the 1000 point bonus for a first purchase. What does that mean? Where did you find that? Please let me know. Thanks!
  12. It was in the e-mail I received before the promo began. sorry for the delay in answering. I was out of town Thur till this afternoon.

    The 1000 point bonus is for in-store purchase only (the first purchase April 12-14, so it's almost over). It doesn't apply to online or catalog. But the double points are good till midnight CDT.

  13. Me too! It was perfect too because DH opened an NM account to buy my new Chanel Medallion tote and the gift card arrived today. I found a robe for exactly the amount of the gift card so we only had to pay the sales tax!:yahoo:
  14. Oh I see. Thank you for getting back to me! :smile:
  15. I received an email today about a free NM giftcard with purchase...

    spend: $250-499 get $25
    spend: $500-999 get $50
    spend: $1000-1999 get $150
    spend: $2000-2999 get $300
    spend: $3000-3999 get $450

    It only works today and online so hurry and take advantage: NMCARD