post news here about YSL styles/colors for SPRING! ( update page 12)

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  1. These two popped up on this morning:

    Yves Saint Laurent
    Obi Satchel
    -- Tiered bows add tailored romance to structured Italian leather. Double top handles, 7" drop
    -- Zip closure
    -- Inside zip and open pocket
    -- Metal standing feet
    -- Lined in suede
    -- 17"W X 12"H X 6"D
    -- Imported

    Yves Saint Laurent
    Zippy Hobo
    -- Experience everyday elengace in luxe taurillon leather with tonal contrast trim. Shoulder strap, 9" drop
    -- Magnetic closure
    -- Inside zip and open pocket
    -- Unzip bottom zipper to create extra space
    -- Lined in suede
    -- 16"W X 13"H X 3"D
    -- Made in Italy

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  2. Interesting....

    The second bag, the hobo -- the shape reminds me too much of a Jimmy Choo bag. This one has cleaner lines, but the shape is very similar IMO.
  3. The bows on the Obi are odd to me. Reminds me of Prada's weird ruffle/"dumbo" bags from last fall. And as SuLi said, the hobo looks like lots of other hobos--Jimmy Choo, Gucci, etc.

    When I was in New York around Christmas, my YSL SA showed me another new YSL style. It was a medium size, open top, horizontal tote with a Y on the front. The sides were cinched in with buckled straps. It was sort of similar in shape to the LV Batignolles Horizontal, but with a lot more going on obviously. The one he showed me was black, gorgeous, and GENUINE crocodile--more than $20,000! If this bag comes out in regular leather I would be very interested in it.


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  4. i'm so glad that they are doing more suede lined bags -- i miss that.
  5. I actually like the obi bag very much!!
  6. Yes, I think that is similar to the one my SA showed me in black crocodile! Looks like yours has web/nylon handles though? Because the one I saw had croco leather handles. My SA used another name for the bag besides "Sac Y" but I cannot remember what is was (I was so focused on buying my Muse Two). :nuts:

  7. I'd actually like to see the Obi Satchel in person. I like that the obi gives it some detail and a little femininity without being too girlish and romantic and I love how they worked the Y into it. It looks like it's probably nice and slouchy, too, but I'd want to see whether the bag ends up looking sloppy unstuffed or if it all works.

    The Zippy Hobo isn't anything groundbreaking, but I like the size and shape (and 9" drop) and would be interested to see it in other colors.

    I've seen the Y Sac on eBay a few times, too, and there's one up now from a TPFer. I can imagine how stunning it would be in crocodile.
  8. I happen to like the origami bag, but I think seeing it in black sort of brings down the whimsy of such a design. Maybe if I saw it in a more spring-like color, I could get the full effect of the folds.
  9. I asked about this bag at YSL in Chevy Chase and was told that it's been around for a looooooong time.
  10. I'm a little worried that the "tiers" on the obi bag might get dog-eared...
  11. the zippy has a cute side detail as well
  12. Funny because the YSL SA specifically referred to the one I saw in New York as a new style for spring. Maybe just new in croc? Or maybe a different bag? We'll see in time I guess...
  13. Anyone have any info on the new black denim capris bags? I thought I saw new denim lines on the site...??
  14. From MarieClaire mag, some new Easy Bags:
    (sorry for poor quality pic)

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