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  1. Hi all-- I know a lot of us go to the outlets-- Neiman Marcus Last Call, Saks Off Fifth, or Nordstrom Rack and then post finds in the particular designer forum, but I thought it may be helpful to have a thread in the deals section where people can post about bags they find so that maybe we can save people a trip or let people know where bags are that they may be looking for.

    Please post location, name of store, date you went, bags you saw there and the price if you recall, and pics if you can take them.

    I will go first:

    Neiman Marcus Last Call- Jersey Gardens, New Jersey: 10-24-07:

    -They had several Chloe bags 50-60% off retail:
    -Two edith bowlers (black and whiskey) $747
    -Chloe Edith small double-pocket hobo in dark brown $947
    -Four Chloe Tracys, white, white with tan, tan and brown and brown all around $950.

    -Kooba bags at 50-60% off retail:
    -Jillian in black and tan/creme -- $290
    -Ginger in tanish color around $300
    -Annies, Frankies and Sloans. Didn't catch price of these

    -Marc Jacobs-- all of these bags were only 20-25% off retail:
    -Karen in eggshell for $1050
    -Emily bowler in black $875
    -Capra in green, black and cinnamon for $945
    -soft calf hobos with pockets in pink, burgundy and creme for $599

    -Ton of Cole Haans in a green and brown suede.

    Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks lionlaw this is a great idea. :tup:
  3. Oh if anyone happens to see any Gryson bags PLEASE please post them. I am dying to grab another gryson bag on sale. Thanks
  4. Some of the Nordstroms (regular) had some Gryson on sale.

  5. Someone else had posted they purchased Grysons at Nordstroms for $200 but they never responded when I asked which store. I went to Nordstrom and had them do a search on their system but SA told me the bags went to the Rack. If anyone sees a good deal please put the bag on hold and post PF. Thank you
  6. In the San Diego Off Fifth, I saw a good selection of Bulga bags, Tracy Reese bags, some Marc Jacobs and Be&D bags, as well as Kooba Sloane.

    The last time I was in Rack (maybe 2 weeks ago?), I saw some Mulberry bags and wallets, one shiny Lanvin, a couple of Kate Spade, and some Coach I believe. There are more.
  7. Sure, no problem. Put on hold any Gryson we see, or are you looking for a particular kind? Now that you mention it, I might have seen a Gryson at Rack too...hmmmm....
  8. I saw a bunch on sale from NM website.
  9. The Grysons I heard about (telephone w/SA) were not $200. More like 30-50%off , IIRC... Try Erin at Nordstrom Barton Creek Square
    (512) 691-3500. She is awesome and will hunt until she finds what you're looking for. I believe she told me she had some, or could locate some.

    Hope that helps.
  10. The NMLC Dallas had some Gryson, can't remember the price but it was in the pre-sale. If you want, call Marcell there. He's awesome.
  11. The NMLC Allen, Tx had some Chloe Ediths in brown and cream for $510 last weekend. They had a Juicy Couture Lady D Satchel (I think that's the name) marked down to $387 in teal. Another NMLC had 2 brown and a black for $387 but their teal was more (can't find my notes to see which one, sorry...If anyone is interested I can look some more).
    Nordstroms(reg.) has LAMB bags (triple zip satchel) that are marked down to $308 (they're higher online). I posted that yesterday, so they may be gone.
  12. saw quite a few pairs of tall prada boots at NM last call colorado mills for a little over $400
  13. I found Grysons on sale for $169 (Mollys, Jessie) and $199 (Sophie, Heidi, Moni) about 2 months ago at various Nordstrom Rack. I just called around during a weekday at times I thought would be less busy. I was lucky and was able to find several.

    However, most of the Gryson bags themselves were a huge disappointment and I ended up returning at least 5 or 6 of them at a very busy NR. I'm sure they are gone now because at that ridiculously low price, they'll find a home.

    Try calling a less busy Nordstrom Rack - you never know!
  14. Thanks to everyone for posting. Anyone else been to an outlet recently?
  15. San Diego girls - saw a light beige-ish pink MJ Stam bag, some Alexander McQueen, a couple of Jimmy Choo, a small BV, an D&G, a Lanvin, and a bunch of small Mulberry bags for about $600 at Rack in Mission Valley.
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