Post Natel Depressed Mother Throws Baby Out Of First-floor Clinic window

  1. Baby was fighting for his life last night after he was dropped from a first-floor window at a clinic for mothers with post-natal depression.
    The month-old boy was in a critical but stable condition after suffering multiple injuries when he plunged 12ft on to concrete.
    A 29-year-old woman, thought to be his mother, was arrested at the private
    Eastbourne Clinic in East Sussex and detained under the Mental Health Act.
    [​IMG] Specialist care: The mother and baby unit on the first floor of the clinic

    A source close to the investigation said: "Nursing staff were looking after the woman at the time but they were unable to react as what happened was completely unexpected. They are, of course, absolutely devastated."
    After the incident at 7.40pm on Saturday, the boy was taken to Eastbourne District General Hospital, then transferred to St George's Hospital in Tooting, South London.

    A spokesman for the clinic said last night: "We are not making a comment at this stage. The police are aware of the incident."
    The acute psychiatric unit, which is based in a converted 19th century vicarage, treats patients with psychiatric disorders including depression, manic-depression, schizophrenia and drug and alcohol addiction.
    Four women with post-natal depression can be treated in a mother and baby unit on the first floor.

    The average stay is just under seven weeks after which a "supervised discharge" is arranged following consultation with local community services.
    Although it is independent of the NHS, treatment in the mother and baby unit can be funded by primary care trusts.
    Its website says treatment for mothers is provided "in a private and friendly setting, supervised to whatever degree is appropriate".
    It continues: "The treatment for mother will be formulated by our multi-disciplinary team and in negotiation with the patient and, where relevant, with her partner.
    "It is our aim whenever possible to keep mother and baby together to promote or initiate bonding.

    "However, if safety issues dictate, the baby can be cared for by our experienced nursing staff in conjunction with a nursery nurse."
    Sussex Police said last night: "A 29-year-old woman has been arrested and is assisting police as to the circumstances of the incident."
    Post-natal depression normally develops up to eight weeks after birth and can last for months.

    Mothers may be affected because they struggle to cope, lack a supportive partner or suffer stress. There is often no obvious reason.
    A study by the Royal College of Midwives this year found one in five mothers suffered post-natal depression, compared to one-in-ten in 2000.
    The risk of becoming depressed was far higher among women who had a bad experience at birth.

    But cases involving depressed mothers injuring or killing their baby are extremely rare

    Andrew Levy via The daily femail
  2. That's so sad..I hope the baby recovers from this horrible incident. The mother should not retain custody of this innocent baby. It's also the woman's family's fault they didn't do anything to prevent this tradegy.
  3. Yikes, Perhaps they should not allow the mothers to be alone with their children until they are considered well.
  4. Agree completely.
  5. This is such an extreme case of PND. I really can't say whether a mother who suffers PND should not be left alone, because if one in five suffer PND that is an awful lot of mothers to supervise.

    Just like the article says 'cases involving depressed mothers injuring or killing their baby are extremely rare'.

    This is so tragic, I really hope the baby makes a full recovery.
  6. :wtf: No words....
  7. Wow, a lot stories of mothers harming their children lately. This is horrible! I wonder if she was given medication?
  8. That is so sad. She should have asked for help before harming her child. I really hope he makes a good recovery. I completely agree that she should not have the custody of her child, this woman obviously has postpartem depression and should be treated.
  9. This is sad...I'm glad the baby survived, though! Post-partum depression is scary, I'm sure for mothers and children. In rare cases (and these tend to be the ones where child murder is involved) mothers with this sort of depression get psychotic symptoms! It's chilling.
  10. This is really sad