Post nail polish deals & steals!

  1. ^What did you buy? :graucho:
  2. THANK YOU!!!! I just picked it up! I love these pastel shades and the purple is beautiful!
  3. The Intimate collection for $25! But in the long run, I only spent a tiny bit over $4 on each one, right? Phew.
  4. I agree, I bought the Zoya Intimate collection.. but it was on my wish list and it was on special.. so I justified and bought it. :biggrin:
  5. Hey, it's a great deal! ;)
  6. Lucky for me most of these colors are too "soft" for me.
  7. I agree. Its a great deal but the colors don't work for me. I was able to try them against my skintone with the spoon samples
  8. I already own the three I want (Gemma, Marley, & Caitlin). The Unbanned Me would have still totally bought that, though.
  9. agreed. these colors wouldnt look good on me.
  10. Same here!

    I ended up getting it because I liked a couple of shades & I could give the rest to my sister.
  11. Yeah I thought about it but none of my friends are cookoo for coco puffs like I am, lol.
  12. I bought the Zoya's - super bummed that I had to work all day so mine wont be shipped until super late. Oh well.
  13. LOL fair enough. My sister moved to Australia and apparently nail polish is really expensive over there.

    So I send polishes & some other items in a care package for her. She likes these kind of colors so I thought it'd be worth it. ;)
  14. ^ You should get your sister to send us Australian brand nail polish like k.i.t or Ozotic.
  15. ^ OMG that's an excellent idea. Where can I see swatches?! :graucho: