Post nail polish deals & steals!

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  1. I used that, too. I only got two. Did you get any?
  2. Not yet, I need to do a deep dive into their brand, I'm not familiar with it at all. Which two did you get?!
  3. Code nailit on the marc jacobs beauty website (different than the marc jacobs website) gives you half off on marc jacobs nail polish right now.
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  4. Great polish. One of my faves. I got fluorescent beige and tootsie. I already have desire (gorgeous red), oui, Petra and a limited edition burgundy that I can't remember name of. I love them all. $9 is a great deal.
  5. I saw a bunch of Marc Jacob polishes at Marshalls last week for $4.99. There wasn't much of a variety, but again they were just $4.99.

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  6. thanks for the deborah lippmann info - just ordered three!!
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  7. Sale has been extended through Friday, January 26 at midnight. I assume eastern time.

    Free shipping too.
  8. oHH. I want this stamping polish. The whole set! dsc.jpg
  9. Found this deal on Facebook,
    40% off with code 22P2-JRMLSX-H95N8N:cool::cool: