Post nail polish deals & steals!

  1. You're welcome! :smile: I'm about to go take advantage of it myself, as soon as Sally's opens. I found one that will sell the Crackles and Tronica now, but is keeping them behind the counter so hopefully they won't be too picked over.
  2. Today I saw that my Target had Seche Vite on clearance for $2.47 from $9.89. I don't know if its the same for all targets but its worth a look.
  3. merekat, would you mind sharing which target this was in? the augusta one didnt mark this one down yet i think.. if your target is close to me it may be worth checking out!
  4. It was the Topsham one. You may be able to get Augusta to do a price match?
  5. Or check South Portlands.
  6. thanks!! ill go in tomorrow; maybe they take a few days to reduce the price? i would think that targets in the same state should have the same price!
  7. ^^Thats what I was thinking!
  8. You're welcome!

    Also, Walmart is now carrying a line of BC's/TC's/treatments by Pro-FX - one whole ounce for only $3.47! I purchased the quick try TC and the ridge-filling BC last week and so far I really like them! The first day I wore the TC, I put it on over China Glaze Sea Spray and no more than 90 seconds after I applied it, I bumped my thumb nail on the ceiling of my car while tossing my work bag in, and I though "Oh crap, I'm going to have to go fix this!" Nope...there was just one tiny smudge that I was able to smooth out with my finger! Here's a pic of the 2 I got:

  9. i just thought id add that i found many nubar nail polishes on that come out to be cheaper then the actual website even with shipping included!
  10. I agree with this. I've placed 3 orders for Nubar polishes from Amazon seller Healthy Beauty 4U and have been very satisfied. The prices (with shipping) are very good, they package well and ship quickly.
  11. I just picked up some China Glazes from Tronica and Crackle and used the coupon. Thanks again JenJen80!
  12. Save 20% at Enter TWENTY in discount coupons box at checkout. Ends 12am UK time. Min spend £15/€18/$20 applies! Not valid with any other codes.
  13. :welcome2:
  14. Cool, Ill have to look for them!