Post nail polish deals & steals!

  1. Thought we should have a thread for enabling ourselves to purchase more polishes!

    Chanel has free shipping today with code 0211LUXURY ending at 11:59EST.
  2. Free Eyeko Coral Polish with all orders over £15, €18, $20. Enter Code: Coral Polish
  3. Can this be a sticky?? :nuts:
  4. I'll PM a mod! :biggrin:
  5. Great idea! More ways to feed into the addiction! :p For new customer/first time purchase - $15 off purchase of $50 or more

    I will be using mine pretty soon!

    **Edited to add they carry Deborah Lippmann and butter London
  6. this is sooo dangerous!

    I'm not looking!
    I'm not looking!
  7. Ruh roh...this will be a dangerous thread.
  8. i second that!


  9. I wish I had known this earlier! I just placed a big Deborah Lippmann and butter London order a couple of hours ago with Nordstrom!
  10. I agree. I'm scared now. :nuts:
  11. When does this expire??
  12. ^ That just means you need more polish. :graucho:

    ^ I'm not sure. The banner just came up for me.
  13. Very dangerous!!:nogood: