Post MJ Sale Sightings Here!

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  1. #1 Oct 7, 2006
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    Post which item you saw on sale and what the price is please...also put location.....:smile:
  2. Last Sunday (Oct. 1st) I saw the following bags w/ approx. pricing at the Neiman Marcus Last Call in San Marcos, Texas. (Prime Outlets)

    Blake in Peacock - $665
    Large MP in Thistle - $665
    Small MP in Indigo - around $550 but not completely sure
  3. I saw a Peacock Blake (SO CUTE!) and a Dusty Rose Venetia at the Neiman Marcus Last Call in Minneapolis. I think both bags were $665.
  4. ^^That bag has been listed then unlisted, listed again, unlisted, etc. I'm wondering what is going on.
  5. Thanks ecmd7, I just happened to see it this morning so didn't realize it had been repeatedly listed and unlisted. I did notice that it says "Availability: on order: usually ships within 44 business days". Who can wait that long?!

  6. I didn't even notice the 44 days. I know I couldn't wait that long. LoL
  7. Don't Trust Bloomies! That was how long the "wait" was for the "backordered" Labor Day sale items... and we know how well that turned out.
  8. OK...Heres the scoop...Mention Friends and Family promo to your SA at Saks this week and get 20% off MJ and CHLOE bags only!!
  9. Hi
    i live in Buffalo, NY. and theres no Saks near by..
    is it any ways i could still used the F&F event on SAKS?
    who and where should i call?
    i am think about getting a chloe bag....i want it so bad.
    thanks for give me a hint...:P
  10. Just call any store, they will gladly ship to you, if you can describe exactly what you want.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.