Post man's lock replacement

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I have this black Alexa bag with a broken post man's lock.
    There are some locks being sold on ebay but I'm torn between buying the brass or gold version:
    As you can see, the gold version is very shiny.
    I think the metal on the Alexa is gold, but due to wear the shine has gone off. Maybe the gold version will stick out and I'm better off with brass instead?

    Thanks for any insight!
  2. Why not send it to Mulberry for repair? I think the cost is very reasonable.
  3. I would definitely send the bag off to Mulberry - that way you know it’s a genuine part, and it’s not expensive.

    I had a postman’s lock replaced on one of my Alexas maybe 2-3 years ago and the cost was very reasonable. Might have been something like £25 + VAT - I remember being pleasantly surprised as I was dreading the quote!

    It takes a while but IMHO definitely worth it...
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  4. I recommend sending it to Mulberry for repair as well. I replaced the postman lock on a Bayswater shoulder bag last fall and they charged me $50 here in the US. Since the postman lock wasn’t the usual size, they sent to England for the the piece. I think I got back my bag in excellent condition after a month to six weeks.

    I didn’t have to ship the bag to them though since I went to the boutique in SoHo, New York where it seems like the actually do the repairs onsite.
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