Post-Lubriderm Ink City

  1. Well, I finally made it to the store AND remembered to buy Lubriderm (the plain, unscented variety). Here are pics of my ink City after I worked on her tonight:

    Edit: The photos looked really light for some reason, so I darkened them a bit. Maybe it's my monitor. Tell me if it looks freaky!
    Ink City front.jpg Ink City back.jpg
  2. WOW ETenebris, that is an amazing transformation!!!! Isn't INK one of the best bbag colors ever?! Congrats!!!
  3. wow that color is amazing et
  4. WOW!!!! it looks wonderful! i want that bag!
  5. gorgeous! we're ink city twins! excellent bag... yours look especially nice! is yours more purple to you? it looks slightly more purple to me than mine! very pretty!
  6. It's like a navy/purple combo. The pics are dark because I had to take them inside, but I will get some outdoors in the sunlight tomorrow.
  7. wow it really does look fantastic. doesn't look like any other inks i've seen.
  8. I absolutely :heart: your ink city. nice texture!
  9. yummy yummy!!!
  10. beautiful beautiful bag.
  11. I love ink! Mine is purple-y like yours ET, I like how it can look quite dark at times.
  12. omigosh, she looks gorgeous ET, that lubriderm is amazing!!!
  13. That is an amazing transformation!! Great job :smile:
  14. gorgeous ET...hmmm now i'm thinking i may need to do this to my new ink city....
  15. et, nice bag!:heart: