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  1. Dana Rebecca sample sale NYC tmrw

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    15% off for Pre-order items. And no tax from my experience apparently. Good price for the material, design and quality.
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    I have bought (Chanel) and conversed a good deal with this seller, she is super and on the level - wealthy family and she’s now slowly selling their combined collections. If anyone craves this beautiful watch, this is a deal and she will do right by you 200%. She would probably be open to a reasonable offer as well. She’s very accommodating.

    P.S. I am not her “friend,” don’t converse with her on the regular, she doesn’t know I’m posting this, and I receive no profit from this sale - I just would like to do her a solid because she’s a wonderful lady, in my limited experience with her.

    CARTIER PASHA Men's Moon Phase Watch_Heavy Solid 18K Yellow Gold_Quartz_Date

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  4. Three awesome finds.
    Artisan 14K 925 Organic Twist Leaf Earrings
    Pandora Sterling 14K Gold Euro Charm Bracelet
    Anuschka Sunflowers Multicolor Leather Hobo Purse
    942103A4-2B12-4A3B-91D3-875A3A4B069E.jpeg 9DFD4463-2207-43D8-A4F6-D6820AD8A9D0.jpeg FEEE1BF2-8C25-44F0-B496-081F021C1A49.jpeg
  5. This is worth considering if you love Cartier watches - and a very solid seller.

    CARTIER 38mm Pasha_Moon Phase Watch_Solid 18K Yellow Gold_Bracelet_Box_W3101
  6. I love Cartier too!