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  1. Please post any jewelry type sales, deals, codes, etc. . . . here.
    Please keep this thread free of conversation, questions, etc. . .
    Also please remember no one is permitted to post their own auctions or advertise here.

  2. M+J Savitt pave diamond earrings at 65% off on BlueFly today (1/5) only:

    50% off jewelry section at Katy Beh, a nice online boutique jeweler:

    Some nice rose cut diamond pieces. Use ADD40 for an additional 40% off the shown sale prices. Free ground shipping over $100.
  3. The Swarovski store I was at last weekend was offering 30% off select shelves. There was a lot that was on sale.

    This is not mentioned on the website, so it would be in-store only. Call your local store to confirm.
  4. mmmm....I love her work. Thanks for the tip.
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