Post Info About Gucci Sales/OUTLET INFO Here!

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  1. Use this thread to post any good sales on Gucci items.....Put items..locations and price..Please!
  2. gucci sales can always be found at the outlet store! Call them, you'd be surprised what you will find there and the prices are awesome - only $10.00 shipping charge, can't beat it!!!

  3. You think they'll be willing to ship to Canada? Has anyone tried? I don't mind paying more for shipping.
  4. Wow, thanks Jill for starting this! Oh I will get into sooo much trouble! I will try the outlets! How do I found out where there's an outlet close to me?
  5. Yes, Jill, thanks for the thread!! :smile:
  6. yeah! can't wait for the december sale......saving from now!!!!
  7. I am not sure, I'd call - I am sure they will but I am not positive.
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    [​IMG] Re: Gucci Penelope Large Top Handle Bag
    the SA at my local Gucci store told me the denim styles will go on sale in Dec.. so my opinion is to get the first one.. and then get the denim one when it goes on sale!

    good luck with your decision!

    - I saw this and thought I would carry it over to the SALE information section....FYI to all the denim purse lovers out there...
  9. Lets sticky this thread...
  10. Is the December sale applicable worldwide?
  11. Does anyone know where the Gucci outlets are located.......any in the South? I know there is one in Palm Springs, were else??
  12. There is one in New York.
  13. The other is in "WOODBURY COMMONS (NEW YORK NEW JERSEY AREA) The outlet at Cabazon in Desert Hills Premium Mall is the largest of the two and they have great prices. Ask for Miski; she's wonderful!
  14. I'm going to Woodbury tomorrow. I'm definitely going to stop by Gucci. I will give you guys an update when I get back in town on Sunday and let you know what's on sale.
  15. Do they have a website or just the store that you have to call?
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