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  1. Flannel's must be a return. Take care. Better ring first.
  2. Anyone know where has the travel day in black?
  3. 01509266320 Wheelers of Loughborough had them in the week. Got mine from there.
  4. Already rung them they havnt got any left
  5. HOF Norwich stock today:

    Alexa Plaster Pink-mini, Reg,OS
    Alexa mini foggy grey
    Alexa mini and reg nightshade SS
    Mini fudge heritage
    Various Harriet's
    Postmans lick shoulder black and khaki
    Fucshia SBS
  6. Choice in Bluewater had one this morning
  7. Also grass green bays and Lily
    Small blue holiday bays
    Evelina satchel in all colours
  8. Can't believe they've still got that Lily!!
  9. Does anyone know/think there will be further discounts in HOF or will they just return unsold stock to Mulberry.
  10. I heard that it's shipped out to the outlets if not sold....:smile:
  11. I know I did a massive double take when I saw it! Disappointed to find Mulberry are not in John Lewis Norwich any more though
  12. Really? They have stopped doing it in John Lewis Peterborough aswell. So disappointing. It was the only reason I ever looked in John Lewis.
  13. YES!!! Me to, so unfair!! :smile:
  14. I actually really like John Lewis, they have a really good selection of stuff :biggrin:
  15. John Lewis in Bristol had one on Thursday
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.