Post Holiday Reveal

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  1. Hi Ladies

    Most of you already know this, but I recently purchased a Chocolate Roxy A4 Tote and wanted to share some pics with you.

    I also managed to score (in Singapore) a Gold Bays keyring which I love and bought the Libra keyring in gold last week from SCP.





    I love love love Roxy, she is so soft and squishy and smells really good. Have stuck the Libra keyring on there and hopefully it will soon be joined by a gold Leo one (DF is a Libra and I am Leo).

    Gold Bays is going on my Choco Bays as I think it will look really good :biggrin:

    So thats my reveal, am on the sofa now for a long while (lets see how long that lasts). Thanx for looking :biggrin:

    Stefy x
  2. That Roxy tote is gorgeous enjoy!
  3. Beautiful bag! That one is definitely on my wish list. I love the bays keychain too!
  4. Fab!
  5. wow yo look fab suits you hunny xxx
  6. Thanx ladies, haven't had a chance to use her yet. Feel bad if I start now as I have only had Damier NF for 2 months.
  7. stefy you are so cute with roxy A4 tote! stunning!
  8. Stefy, you look like the cat that got the cream! :biggrin: Gorgeousness of Roxy only to be outshone by your smile! Congrats!
    Got the Libra keyring too but only by default, as only got my hands on a cancer one for about 5 minutes (long story) and then got the Libra one as it's DD1's star sign.
  9. Lol Thanx - you nailed it on the head there :biggrin:

    Me and my friend from work just bought the Cancer one for our friends bday - hopefully she will love it. She is Mulberry mad too :biggrin:

    The Zodiac ones are really cool and nice aren't they?
  10. Congrats Stefy, looks great on you! I think i need ONE too.. LOL

    You looks so sweet!
  11. Thanx :biggrin:

    The sale is ending soon so you'd better get in there ;)
  12. The chocolate A4 tote is gorgeous & really suits you. I luv the look of the shiny gold charm keyring against the dark chocolate colour - really sets it off.
    Well done on ur new purchased & enjoy
    Polly x
  13. You model the gorgeous A4 tote so well Stefy. Love your keyrings too.
  14. Looks great on you Stefy, I like the keyrings too. I got a couple of Gemini ones at Bicester last Sunday. Lucky you being in Singapore, I love that place but not been for a few years.
  15. Thanx guys. I agree that the Gold goes v well against the Chocolate (I am not a big fan of gold) and that is why I got them.

    Am getting (hopefully fingers crossed) a Burgandy Antony with Silver Hardware and now I want something Silver to clip onto it :biggrin: