Post here when you see the rare size 42 CLs available!

  1. I know there are a few other size 42 CL gals out there and as you know they are VERY hard to come by....especially on sale. You have to call a zillion department stores and all the CL boutiques to find these and even if it is a new release at full retail it can be impossible if you didn't pre-order one of the handful that are in the inventory., Footcandy and Netaporter do not carry size 42 CLs typically. does not list them anymore...only 41. I think most already see the ones on eBay available by Natural Gas Girl or BeLuxe but it would be great if anyone spots any 42s during their shopping trips online and offline if they could notify us on this thread. Thanks!!
  2. I saw 2 racks of size 42 sale shoes at BG yesterday - there were plenty by CL, give them a call, I am sure that you will find a style that you love.
  3. ^^^Kamilla, you just need to carry a hidden video camera with you when you go and post the footage. LOL

    Will do Blkladylaw! I'm sure it can be a nightmare finding european designer shoes in your size to begin with, let alone on sale. Good luck!
  4. Super! I will give BG a call...I think I still have the card of a shoe SA from my visit in October
  5. i saw a few 42 cl's online that were on sale at
    this is a great thread!
  6. Thanks for the tip. The largest I see on there is a size 41. Do you have a link?
  7. Thanks gingerfarm, this is great that they are making 42 available again; for most of their new inventory and pre-order for this year they did not make 42 available; they used to and then this year had stopped for some reason; I wrote a letter to them about it and they said they would notify the buyers for the next inventory; great to see them being offered again!...I had stopped even looking at new stock for

  8. BlkLadyLaw, you know Paris Hilton is a size 11 and she often has to special order her designer shoes. I'm not sure if it costs more but that could be an option for you. Maybe you could get the CL catalog (if there is one, I'm not sure) or somehow obtain the list of shoes that will be made next season. Then you could contact one of the NY boutiques and explain that you need a tts US 12 shoe in that style.

    Louboutins are practically haute couture shoes, I'm almost positive you could order them to size. Good Luck!!!
  9. I wear a size 11 in CL...and even that's not easy to find, so I feel you, haha, so when I saw this thread, I was obsessively searching the sites for size 42. =) I was at barneys yesterday and the 41's had the least stock on sale, so either they stocked less of that, or they a lot more people have to wear a bigger size for CL. It's good to see that saks has bigger size now, I hope other stores will do it too!!!
  10. i'm heading out to vegas next week..first stop would be the shoe-in @ the wynn where they usually have a good selection of CL's..i'll give you girls an update on my shopping experience's the sale season this time of year so im crossing my fingers..:girlsigh: