Post here if you have ordered a Limited Edition Magenta City bag!!!!

  1. Hellooo,

    I was just curious as to how many people ordered a magenta city bag already and what style they have ordered (RH, or the Giant city w/ GH or SH).
    So ladies, how many of us PFers have snatched up this gorgeous bag already?
    I guess I'll start! I just faxed in my order today for a Magenta city with RH! it is my first BBag, and I am like this right now: :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. i ordered one with Gold GH
  3. giant SH for me (at least until I change my mind) :yes:
  4. RH for me!

    although terry said i have to refax my form... but she said im already on the list, just have to refax the completed form to validate it :jammin:
  5. I ordered RH. I sent my fax in today, but still need confirmation tomorrow. I can't wait to see everyone's bags. The hard part is paying and then having to wait 3 months - such torture!!
  6. I ordered silver GH. Can't wait to get it!
  7. Silver GH!
  8. 2 regular hardware, one for me, one for my Mom. If she doesn't like it, I'm sure one of my friends will want it.
  9. Ok, I admit, I broke down and bought one too! :p Magenta with RH! Yummy!
  10. Faxed my order form this a.m. - Silver GH!!!

    I can't stand the fact that we're going to have to wait until AUGUST to get these, though!!!
  11. ordered gold giant hardware!
  12. Giant w/SH
    I'm with the rest of you. Can't wait to get the bag, it will be pure torture having to wait so long. I will be annoying everyone around me till the bag gets here :p
  13. ^^^ Ditto. I ordered the GH first and then changed my mind to the SH after talking to my SA. I can't wait and am so excited for everyone and me too! :nuts: :yahoo: :nuts:
  14. What did your SA say that swayed you to the silver GH? Inquiring minds want to know... ;)
  15. Silver GH but wondering if I should get the SH TOO! Faxed in last night and hope Terry got it !