Post here if you have any kind words for Anthracite.


mildly obsessed
Mar 24, 2008
Because I'd like to hear some opinions! I have now for the third time considered an anthracite bag while at Balny, and like always, the SA loves it .. thinks it looks great on me .. and with my all black wardrobe, etc

but I don't know if it's the lighting or some weird stigma I have against anthra but I'm never MOVED, at least not in the store. I love black but I know anthra has some major following out there and I'm wondering if anyone has any reasons for OR against this wonderful chameleon of a color. do you feel it replaces a basic black? do you love it once you're out & about with it? are there major differences or best ones among the various years?

I just don't know if I'm missing out on life by not considering it. :biggrin:


Oct 6, 2008
to me it sounds like you're not completely in love with it already, so no point in purchasing. I am not crazy about anthra myself, it's "pretty" but not much more than that, to me at least. I'd rather get a color that makes my heart skip a beat. I wonder if there ever was a SA that didn't love a bag on a customer lol... Keep looking for something that will excite you instead!


Aug 12, 2010
New York
LOL coachmommyofmin ITA! The SAs always love whatever that's on the customer. They always tell you how amazing everything looks on you. :P

I started out loving bright colours with GH on Bal. Then I realized how versatile the RH and the neutrals and darks are. I want anthra because I have a black rh city which I absolutely love, but I think black is going to be too heavy and too formal looking on a work, so anthra is a good alternative. It has more depth and character with its undertones, and I like how it looks with the rh.


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Dec 6, 2005
A Yank in SoCAL
I think it depends on the Anthra; meaning the Year/Season .. as there are subtle differences.

For instance .. the Anthra that really makes my heart sing is the 2007 F/W Anthra .. which has a definite blue/teal undertone (which is actually kind of odd for me given that I usually do not like anything that is Teal colored!). Other Anthra's have more of a green hue, some more of a blue hue.

The Anthra Bal 'expert' is *Roey*; she's had quite a few different Anthra's and could probably tell you the differences in the variations. I do think that the Anthra with the RGGH is stunning!


Feb 14, 2008
LOL coachmommyofmin ITA! The SAs always love whatever that's on the customer. They always tell you how amazing everything looks on you. :P

Completely agree with you there, that I stopped listening to SAs! I look in the mirror and make my own judgment or I'll bring an honest friend along.

As for the OP's question, I love anthracite! It is neutral without being blah. I however agree to one of the ladies here who said that it depends on the year. My part time anthracite with ggh has green undertones (which I don't like) when hit by certain lighting and I have contemplated on selling it, but everytime I use it, I fall in love all over again. It just looks good with everything!

Good luck with your decision.


Jul 9, 2009
Hong Kong
I also thought that. for years, I tried to avoid Anthra and stuck to black but then I needed a work size so first instincts dictated black RGGH work, so I got one andI love it. Perfect for my dressier work related activities. But then I thought to myself, I needed another work for those more casual work-related or travel or for anything so I also decided to get the Anthra rggh work as well. So two colors:black which for me is more dressy and Anthra, more casual, and possibly a durable "basher" bag (not really because I would never let my bags be reduced in that state, love them too much).


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Oct 13, 2007
It depends entirely on the season. Anthra varies so much from year to year. Like CeeJay I like s/s 07 anthra, it's got blue/teal undertones and is very pretty with great leather. f/w 08 anthra was more of a straight grey, in subsequent years there were more green or blue undertones. Anthra also has the tendency to shift and fade a bit, bringing out more green tones. I prefer a straight grey dark and my favourite is plomb from f/w 2007. That colour hasn't been duplicated since.

If you don't love it don't get it. Maybe stick with black or choose something that is a real contract to black instead.


Mar 1, 2006
In the sunshine!
I started my Anthra collection with an 08 GGH Work followed by an 08 SGH City. Both were FW versions because Anthra was not produced in SS08. The bags were medium grey with subtle blue undertones. I became obsessed with this color and had to buy more, thinking other years/seasons would be better.

Enter 07 Anthra, only made with either RH or GGH. I bought an 07 Anthra GGH Work which had strong blue undertones and was also darker than 08.

In SS09 I bought an Anthra SGH Midday. LOVED the color - a tad darker than 08 and just slightly more blue.

I skipped FW09 because it looked the same as SS09.

My next two Anthras were FW10 and SS11 - both RGGH Cities - and VERY green toned under yellow lighting. I could never figure out if the RGGH cast a green tone over the bag or if the dye itself had green tones. 2011 Anthras are the darkest of all the years.

My final Anthra purchase was a SS11 SGH Weekender which was lighter in color than the other Anthras received in the boutique for that season (the reason I bought it). There are mostly blue tones in this bag with maybe a hint of green in certain lighting.

I sold every Anthra in my collection except the original FW08 SGH City and SS11 SGH Weekender. 08 has absolutely no green undertones and is the perfect Anthra for me!


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May 10, 2009
By the Ocean
^^^ She said it!

Look for the right Anthra for YOU. And, if you don't get excited carrying it, move on until you find an Anthra - or other colour, that you absolutely adore carrying. Good luck with your hunt!


Jun 7, 2008
I love Anthra! I have two. An 08 First, a gorgeous dark grey with a slight blue tone. Plus an S/S '10 RGGH City which is a lighter grey and is very much a chameleon. Mostly it has a blue tone to it but every once in a while there's the slightest bit of green tone. I happen to love this chameleon effect.

Like you, I have an all black wardrobe and I think Anthra compliments that yet it stands out a bit more than a black bag. I personally wouldn't be without my black City also but I do think Anthra is a good alternative to black. It's as versatile but just a bit more interesting (for lack of a better word).


Apr 2, 2009
Melbourne Australia
Anthra replaced my Black GSH City..I never thought I would miss my Black city as she was my everything.. In all honesty, my Anthra GGH PT is serving it's purpose for me now & I'm so glad I finally made the plunge..I was avoiding this color, thinking it is no contest with my Black city.. Well, I have no intentions of letting go of my 2010 S/S Anthra & love her to bits... She is a gorgy Grey with very slight subtle Green tones under certain lighting. From the Anthra's I have seen IRL, I believe the GGH & RGGH tends to throw the Green/Blue tones more so than GSH & RH....

I love it's chameleon qualities, that is what makes Anthra so unique...BTW I also wear a lot of Black & Anthra is perfect for those of us that tend to wear this color...;)
Good luck with your pursue...:smile:


Mar 21, 2010
Ditto previous posts, and I love my anthra rggh city!

To be honest, I was never blown away by anthra in stores, but I started loving mine the more I use it. This is coming from a black bag girl (black rh weekender, black rh work, black rh city, black rggh city....). There is something about anthra that makes it a great neutral like black, but it's just a little different, which makes it an interesting addition to any outfit!

Susan Lee

Double Trouble
Dec 1, 2006
Just going to echo most of the ladies here-I adore my Anthra RGGH City, she goes with everything in my closet..... dressed up or dressed down. I will carry her until I cant carry bags anymore!