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  1. I have never used purse inserts.. I would just rather have beautiful pouches in my purse.. Never, ever carry a pen in my bags..And I never ever have makeup or lipstick rolling loosely inside the purse..what if they uncover unknowingly? that would be a disaster!
  2. I was flipping through the channels and landed on hsn or qvc or spend money from your bed I don't know
    but they had a micro fiber purse inset organizer
    I thought what a waste in a BV bag
    it would be great to be organized but.........
    wouldn't it defeat the whole reason for having a suede lining that wonderful feeling as you root for your stuff
    I solved the mess by organizing the mess by color
    wallet one color document case another color cosmetic another color
    camera case another color
    it works out well and I can still feel the suede
  3. Hello! Not sure if this is the right place for the thread, mod please move if necessary.

    I tried to search but most of the discussions on purse organizers seem to be for the large veneta or other bags. Does anyone have a suggestion or experience they can share on a purse organizer for the maxi veneta? I see that Purse To Go seems to be a popular choice for the veneta. It seems that it would need to be the extra jumbo size but then the PTG extra jumbo's depth seems like it would be too deep for the veneta?

  4. As a former SA we used to recommend all the different pouches that BV sells
    I keep my large belly veneta organized with pouches
    zipper around wallet, cosmetic case, credit card case, document case, etc.
    if you buy different colors you will always know what you are grabbing
    I know that when I want my wallet it is ebano and when I want what I keep in my document case it is pink )forget the exact color right now)
    I keep my keys on a lanyard that is hooked around the handle of my veneta
    I never lose anything in my bag and it is quite large

    there was a thread with discussions on organizers but don't remember which one
  5. Hi - are you talking about this thread?

    I'll move this thread over there. I think most of the people who have a maxi, do not carry more than ones with a large. If you use something jumbo in the maxi, it might affect the ability of the bag to drape and form around your body.
  6. I was wondering what inserts you use ? I contacted samorga they said they would need to custom make it and wouldn’t be available till feb and need mine by mid Jan . I will
    Insert pics . Thank you

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  7. All my inserts have been random buys on the bay... inexpensive, but fairly well made. I just search inserts and check out measurements. None have a “perfect” fit, but they work. Some are also available on amazon. Good luck finding one that works!
  8. I bought a tote insert from Urban Southern. It’s designed to fit their market tote. They only make one size. It’s not an ideal fit in my BVs but it works in my cabats and in my violet Lambskin satchel.
  9. Late to this thread, but I’m pretty sure there is an “inserts” thread here somewhere that might appear if you search the forum for it. I’ve used inserts by Purse To Go, though I haven’t purchased any recently (because I haven’t needed to; they have held up fine over a number of years). I like them for what they are, especially that they are lightweight without being too floppy in the pockets and sides. They do not have a “premium” feel in terms of materials, but for my purposes, they work well. There are several available size options, so you’d have to figure out what size you would need.

    I am not familiar with the tote that you posted, but if it’s on the larger size, you might need what PTG was calling “jumbo” at the time. I use one in my Longchamp Le Pliage large totes, if that gives you an idea. I use the somewhat smaller sizes (“L” and/or “XL”) for my Venetas.

    If your tote is Cabat-sized, then you might need something even larger. My jumbo PTG swims inside my Cabats, so it doesn’t really work. I go organizer-less when I carry my Cabats.

    I hope that you find a good organizer for your tote! I keep telling myself that I should just learn to make my own organizers. I’ve been looking at a number of sewing patterns that I’ve encountered here and there, but I haven’t gotten too far with it (I am a sewing novice).
  10. Blueiris is correct, we do have a thread started many years ago here: Purse Insert Reference - Keep that bag clean!
    I found other small threads about this same topic on my search, so today they will get merged. I'll make sure to add the word inserts in the thread title so it will be easier for members to search.