Post Here for the Purse organizers, inserts, and liners discussion

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  1. Blueiris,
    I have the PTG in 3 sizes, and I do find it fits better in the Veneta since the shape is similar (oval vs square Chameleon). I have also used PTG in my Cervo Hobo, although I do not like that the outline of the insert is so visible on the outside of the Hobo, kwim? Darn deerskin is so soft!

    Since I change so often and sometimes in a rush, I have been known to put my Chameleon inside the PTG :blush:.
    Thanks for you input!
  2. What would you all recommend for a lightweight insert for a medium cabat? I only carry a few items. Thanks!
  3. The Chameleons are a very light but strong nylon material. When I use my Med in my Cabat, it's too small... I think a large PTG might be better... I'll have to try that and let you know how it works... I'll also try both in a Mini Cabat and let you know how that works.
  4. Hi blueiris! Would you recommend a Jumbo Purse To Go for a Large Veneta then? Or would a Jumbo be too big?

    For a large veneta, would a Large Chameleon fit? Or would that be too big? Is a Medium Chamelon better? Do I go for unstructured or structured?

    I'd really like to get a purse organizer so I can start using my large veneta! TIA!!!
  5. I've never used a Jumbo Purse to Go, but my guess is that it would fit the large Veneta pretty well, based on the dimensions. :yes: Perhaps LT-Bag-Lady can confirm this for you, because she reports (in post #37) that she has the different sizes. I don't think it would be too big, but I would make sure you could exchange it or return it if it doesn't work for you.

    As for your question about the large or medium Chameleons, I'm going to re-quote myself:

    I think the large Chameleon would be even worse for the Veneta because it's an even wider box than the medium. If for some reason you're stuck on getting the Chameleon, you could probably squish it to fit inside the Veneta, and an unstructured one might not show on the outside as much as my structured one does (it looks like I'm carrying a box inside my Veneta). But I think you would lose functionality because the fabric would probably bunch up inside. Plus even the largest size is still only 12 inches to the Purse to Go Jumbo's 15 inches, and I think the large Veneta is about 18 inches at least, isn't it?

    The Chameleons aren't bad, and I still use mine in non-BVs. I think their shape is better suited for bags that have a boxy bottom. Hope this helps!
  6. Thanks blueiris!!:biggrin: I'll get either the large or jumbo purse to go. I like the material of the purse to go more than the material of the chameleon.
  7. Any recommendation for Montaigne?
  8. I'm reposting in the insert thread. I'm thinking about ordering either a Chameleon or Purse to Go organizer for my Cervo Hobos. Do TPFers have any feedback on how these inserts work with the Cervo Hobo? What size is best? Would using an organizer impact the "slouchy" look of the bag? I don't want the lines of the orgnizer to show through the soft leather.
  9. I have a question too. If I were to go with separate compartment bags, as some of you here use, how much extra weight does it add to the bag? I'm seriously considering buying the Compana. I fell head over heels in love with it but my concern is I think I would rather have a zippered pouch so when I open the bag, all the contents are not in site. I basically want a pouch to hold tissues, keys, cell phone, and pens. My large bulky sunglass case can get thrown in as well as my night time driving glasses. The SA told me to place my wallet in the zip compartment along with my gloss for safekeeping.
  10. the extra bags/ pouches do add weight especially when they are leather. i have become very sensitive to the weight of my bags and really cut down on and reevaluated what i carry. the zipper pouch is a great idea for the campana. try it with all your things and see if you are ok with the weight. the campana is really light so it should be ok.
  11. ^^Thank you annie9999! I have been using one central large pouch in my every day hobo but it's hard to tell because the bag I use weighs a bit when empty due to gold accents. Saving up for this gorgeous bag!
  12. are all these inserts only available online, or is there a store where you can actually try them in your bag? It seems to me that would be the best way to tell for yourself what you like.
  13. I don't know if anyone has tried any of the purse inserts from QVC but they sell some. I just received one that is very similar to the VIP purse insert at a fraction of the price and love it. I also have the purseket, purse to go (med and large), purse'n and VIP travel size (the one with the zipper pocket in the middle). Why do I have so many....well it's because I have so many different types of bags and one style of purse insert just doesn't work for me in all of my bags.
  14. I gave up on inserts! Here's everything I get into my bag and the best feeling is placing my hands inside all that smooshy suede!!!
  15. ^^^ I gave up on inserts, too! :smile: