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  1. doreenjoy : do you know where to get it in US [other than Neiman Marcus]??

    found its website, :

    VIP [Very Intelligente Pocket] from Tintamar; lots of styles & colors !
  2. My mom made it for me! :heart: She made it longer and wider than both Chameleon medium structured (the silver one), but it's shorter than the PurseIn (the green one)--the PurseIn was too tall and got in the way of the Sloane's flaps. She made it to fit the Sloane, so there's a little extra room in the Cabat. My custom-made organizer doesn't have as many pockets/zippers as the Chameleon or PurseIn, but because I mostly use this as a liner/protector, I don't mind. I'm satisfied just having pockets for my mobile phone, pen, and notepad, because everything else goes in the main part.

    Here are some quick photos for you--sorry for the bad picture quality!

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  3. wow your mom is fantastic. great insert.
  4. ive tried tintamar at the mall. its beautiful, cos they have many different colors, quality is good (the material looks more sturdy than chameleon) and they supposedly have 2 sizes.

    but the ones commonly available on websites (cost abt 20 pounds) is about the same size or slightly smaller than large structured chameleon.
  5. Oh, you are so lucky. Your mom is wonderful and very crafty :tup:. I thought about doing it myself before and gave up the idea in a couple of seconds knowing that it was quite tedious.
  6. I know, my mom is amazing in a lot of ways! It really was a tedious project, but my mom is very patient. I tried to help as much as I could, but I know rudimentary sewing only. My mom is from the old generation when everyone knows how to sew, knit, crochet.... I wish I had learned how to do these things when I was young.
  7. Hi Ladies, while I am waiting for my mini lilac cabat to arrive, I am thinking about buying chameleon purse insert for the mini cabat. But I am not sure which size to get. Any suggestion?
  8. I'm not going to be much help as it relates to your mini cabat, but I did want to tell you that I bought one in small, medium, and large. I wanted to be able to use an insert in every bag. I really like using them, no matter what the style of the bag I'm carrying. I also got a VIP insert which is a lot of more expensive, but I really like that one a lot!
  9. hikarupanda, I know you're asking about Chameleon which I have no experience with :smile: But I wanted to share with you that I just bought MUJI purse insert today. (The same one as Annlovepuggy) I really like it. It's sturdy yet not too structured. It's waterproof and reversible. The colors are so sweet. :smile:
    Don't know if it's available where you live.




  10. ^ I love Muji too I would go to that store whenever I go visit Hong Kong.

    But in LA I don't think they have Muji :sad:
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    I saw the chameleon purse insert mentioned on here somewhere....would this work in a Veneta? I was seriously considering it, as I like to keep the linings of my bags clean and pockets could be a good thing. Not sure it would work with the Veneta style. They come structured and unstructured, and the website seems to recommend structured for a more slouchy, floppy style. Not sure what to do!!! Please help!!!

    Moving this to the purse insert thread in FAQS....jburgh
  12. Yes, I use the medium size one for my large veneta, helps keep things organized.
  13. I use a Medium Unstructed in my BV Large Venetas, Sloane, Hobos, Totes, Lg Campana, New Pyramid and various TODS.
    You might want to consider a small for your Medium Veneta.
  14. I have a medium Campana and a medium Veneta and I highly recommend the smaller size Muji organizer that was mentioned earlier in this thread. I had never heard of Muji before and couldn't find the organizer on their website, but I did manage to find it from MoMa Store (the Museum of Modern Art store). I don't know if I'm allowed to post a link, but if you google search, you should be able to find it :smile:

    It is fairly unstructured and has pockets on the inside and outside. It really is a perfect fit in both of the bags I mentioned above. HTH!
  15. For my medium Venetas, I'm now using a Purse To Go, in the "large" size (the current available sizes are "small," "large," and "jumbo").

    I am using it with the pockets towards the center. I folded the top edge to decrease its height, so it does not interfere with the slouching of the zipper edge of the Veneta. I could probably leave it unfolded, though, if I wanted to preserve more of the flat shape when carrying it. It would protect more height on the sides of the lining that way.

    I've been using it for a few months. So far, I like this better than the medium Chameleon for my medium Venetas. The Chameleon is like a small box shape, so some interior space was wasted, and it had to be squashed width-wise inside the flattish Veneta. The PTG is like a narrow oval shape, and almost no room is wasted.

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