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  1. #46 Mar 31, 2009
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2009
    A litte more information from krustycrabcakes 2007 insert thread:

    cuteusername adds: just got the purse-to-go (the one I mentioned where the seller is in san diego: available on eBay) in the jumbo size AND the chameleon large. Chameleon large is way too small for my bag sizes (balenciaga day/balenciaga hobo/large veneta). Useless. The purse-to-go jumbo (15 inches long) is perfect! Highly recommend. They also have a large size around 11 or 12 inches long - I forget. Don't know if ebay links are allowed but you can find it on ebay, so if anyone has biggish bags, this one is great.
  2. I went to Muji Paragon couple of weeks back. I cannot remember the pricing but the ones I saw (It's located on the right side of the shop right? Somewhere in the middle) and it has handles on them. Which I find it rather weird.

    Anyway I'm used to having pouches in the bag as it keeps the things concealed. :P

  3. I am currently using Tintamar (french brand, ttp:// for my montaigne, fits perfectly, found them in Metro Paragon Singapore.

    Did checked out Muji at Paragon too, but the large size is out of stock and the small one is too small for the montaigne.
  4. I just bought back the muji purse organizer from japan. not sure which size mine is. i bought it at around 1000 yen.
  5. I use the large chameleon with a medium veneta and it's just perfect
  6. hi,

    im more keen on purse-to-go, what size should i get for BV sloane?

    pls advise.

  7. i did not see any dimensions on the purse to go site, but it looks like it is adjustable. i think the large is fine, particularly if adjustable. i have the chameleon insert in large (i believe) for my new pyramid which is slightly smaller than the sloane so basing my advice on that.
  8. I'd guess that you'd probably need either the large or extra large (jumbo?). If you click on the thumbnails, the dimensions appear on the item page. I don't have a PTG, so I can't answer fully, but I do have a Sloane. As I mentioned in one of the above posts, my concern with the PTG with the Sloane is that it's oval and narrower than some of the other organizers, and the Sloane has a wider, rectangular base. I thought it would not leave enough usable space inside and might not stay fully upright. If you get one, let us know how it goes!
  9. doloresmia/ blueiris,

    after going through the references, i have decided to get the large structured chameleon for my sloane.

    will post feedback when it arrives.
  10. hi all,
    IMO the large structured chameleon is too small for the sloane.

    it works fine for my medium veneta, i remove the base insert otherwise it would make the veneta look boxy.
  11. Thanks for the update, because I had been considering the large structured for my Sloane. I ended up having a custom organizer made for it, because none of the other organizers I've seen online seem big enough.
  12. As I will be expecting a maxi veneta arriving soon... I just want to ask if anyone has used a purse insert for maxi venetas? Given its huge size I think it'd be difficult finding the right size and without compromising on the slouch. Would be great if anyone can share their ideas!!
  13. A friend of mine has the VIP organizer (with soft bottom and drawstring top) and it fits the maxi veneta fine.

    I use cosmetic pouches to organize my maxi veneta. I like reaching into a bag and feeling suede.
  14. please see #6 this thread; I use large unstructured for my Maxi veneta. I think it's just right because you don't want to stuff fully the veneta [no matter the size]. Hope it helps.
  15. blueiris - Where did you have it made ?? I thought about it before ! Any pictures to share [with/without stuff in it]. By the way, what did you use w/ your small cabat ? Thanks in advance.