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  1. the chameleon is plenty thin and slouchy (especially if you take out those carboard end thingies) - it's just TINY is all. The purse-to-go is a bit stiffer, but I imagine it would hamper slouch less than the purseket because of the wrap-around factor of the pursket. My biggest problem with the purseket is it's no help with leaks or spills, so I didn't even order it. I want the whole purse bottom lined.

    So I'm really happy with this purse-to-go thingie.
  2. i just got a brown purse organizer.. and it's been really helpful. i believe it's almost like the cameleon, it dosn't have any brand, i just got it from a friend who manufactures them for around US$10 or less, here's pic of it... the material is a bit softer than the one on the pic. Was wondering if the muji is available in HKG?


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  4. mrsDIY88 asks: question for those with a chameleon insert: With a veneta, do you use the structured or unstructured chameleon? Because the veneta is a hobo style without a base, i'm just wondering how the structured chameleon will sit inside the purse.

    fjm replies: Hi mrsDIY88 - The large chameleon seem to be a better size for the large veneta, but I have the same concern as you have regarding the structured insert. I had read in one of the other blogs (I think Hermes forum) that the cardboard at the bottom of the insert was removeable. I'm not sure if this is the case, but I ordered it anyway to give it a try. I considered the medium unstructured insert, but I didn't think that it would be big enough?

    blueiris suggests: You can see my photo of the large Veneta with a medium structured chameleon inside and outside of it (with modifications--see comments in the thread). It's not ideal, and it wouldn't be my first choice for the large Veneta. The photos show it with the bottom piece removed:

    If you have a medium Veneta, maybe the medium un-structured might look better because the sides would squish in. Plus there wouldn't be as much leftover room inside the bag as with the large Veneta. Someone else mentioned that the Jumbo Purse to Go fit nicely in her large Veneta, and maybe the Large or Small Purse to Go might work for the medium Venetas. I've never tried Purse to Go, but the dimensions and oval-ish shape make it seem like it might be worth considering for a flatter bag like the Veneta.
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    Here is blueiris's Chameleon tutorial and pics:
    Mid- you found my old thread! To anyone who reads that, be sure to see the updated photos and comments that appear later in the thread, as I switched from the large-structured chameleon to the medium-structured size.

    I took a few quick shots today of that same medium structured chameleon inside my two new BVs, large torrent Veneta and nero Sloane. Because the Sloane has enough heft as it is, and because it's so slouchy on its own, I decided not to test the PurseIn organizer in it. The PurseIn is great for my unstructured nylon Le Pliage Longchamp bags (see the thread Mid- referenced), but it is slightly heavier than the chameleon, and the sides don't stand up as well.

    Observations: The medium chameleon is probably too small for both these bags. But, despite the large capacity and dimensions of the large Veneta and the Sloane, both bags have relatively small openings. The medium chameleon does not fill the bags lengthwise by any stretch, but when I peer into the opening of the bag, I wouldn't be able to see the extra length/room of longer-length organizers, anyway.

    Because I use the organizer as much to protect the interiors of my bags as to organize their contents, and because I fear that my chameleon will tip its contents because of all the extra space, I will probably end up buying a large structured chameleon for the Sloane. I might consider a large Purse To Go for the large Veneta, because it is longer and narrower than the large chameleon, so it would probably fit the Veneta shape better. As it is now, the medium structured chameleon seems too constraining for the amount of usable space in the bags. The large chameleon isn't so much larger that I think it would affect the slouch in the bags--I think the bags' ample length and height will still form slouches.

    The photos show the empty bags next to the medium structured chameleon, as well as the bags with the filled chameleon inside.

    Edited to Note: the medium structured chameleon, as shown in the photos, is actually inside out from how it is typically used. I like the main pockets to be on the inside, but I guess most others prefer the opposite. The owner kindly finished the exposed and somewhat scratchy edges for me (the white edging shown in the photos), but I don't think they all are like that. Last time I checked, she was looking into having them be fully reversible.





  6. fjm's information

    I received my large Chameleon insert yesterday. It does come with a removable insert that keeps the bottom structured. I chose not to use it in order to preserve the hobo shape of my bag. It fits quite nicely in my 2 week old large Veneta and now my suede lining is protected! Here are a few photos....



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    I purchased a new purse organizer from MUJI [in Taiwan; MUJI was originated in Japan]. There are MUJIs here in the States; not sure if they carry this. It is constructed very sterdy and you may use both sides. Best of all, it's only less than $13 !!
    The size is 8x5.5x2.6 .
    I'll use it for medium veneta. Here are the photos for your references. The last picture includes small cameleon for comparison. I turn MUJI organizer inside out.

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  8. Here are photos of LARGE UNSTRUCTURED CAMELEON. The first two are of Sloane. The opening of sloan is small so I'll remove sunglass before I place cameleon into the bag. The rest are of Maxi Veneta.

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  9. I am tempted by this insert I came across today. It looks very Veneta friendly.


    But one of the best reasons to buy it is because of the maker's selling points. They are so cute.

    * * 5 Reason to MUST Have Purse Organizer Inserts * *
    * * Japanese Kin-cha-ku * *

    (1) Time Saving to find what you need

    (2) Be Smart Lady!

    (3) Protect your stuff from water damage
    * TESAGE purse inserts lined in micro-fiber to protect to get wet or stains

    (4) Pulling ribbons from both sides in a cute way to close

    (5) Learn Sophisticated Japanese Way of Organizing Skill

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  10. Hi,

    I will get an large Chameleon these days, is it too big for a medium Veneta?
  11. Not sure if the large Chameleon is too big for the medium Veneta. I have the large Chameleon in my large Veneta and it fits it perfectly. I took the stiff insert out of the bottom so it wouldn't interfere with the slouchy shape of of the bag. My only gripe is that I just purchased it in January and it's already falling apart. It has never been out of my Veneta since then and threads are coming loose and I just noticed that a couple of the seams are now coming apart so the fabric is starting to rip. I'm curious about the Muji organizer. It looks better made....

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  12. Hi, I am using the Large cameleon [no stiff bottom] for my medium veneta. I'm just too lazy to change to a small cameleon. It works fine as long as you don't stuff too much stuff and make veneta bulky and lose its slouchiness. My large cameleon is about 9 month old and no problem at all. I have a small one that is more than 3 year old; it frays a little but still functions. You should contact Cameleon if it falls apart after only a few months' use.

    I also have an organizer from MUJI ; it certainly fits medium veneta much better so as small cameleon. It seems sturdier and much cheaper ! please refer to pix in
    Purse Insert Reference - Keep that bag clean
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    I am copying some information here from krustycrabcakes 2007 insert thread:

    I saw in an earlier thread that someone suggested Button-ons to organize their BVs. I just wanted to share that I use these organizers I bought from Muji in Japan but I believe they are available online or anywhere where there's a Muji store (UK, France, US). They are great and come in two sizes and different colors. They have a zippered compartment outside and lots of dividers inside and the lining is light-colored so it's easy to find stuff in bags with dark interiors. I feel it also helps protect the lining of the bag. :tup:

    Here a link for more detailed pictures.

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    More information from krustycrabcakes 2007 insert thread:

    annie9999 asks: thanks krustycrabcakes that looks like it would be terrific in the cabat. i'll have to check out the web site. what size would you recommend for the medium cabat?

    krustycrabcakes replies: I'd say you could just get one big one or 2 small ones. (I'll try to take some pics with my medium cabat). They're all easy to use because you just lift the handles and transfer it to another bag! I'm going to Tokyo next month so if you like, I could get some for you. They are real light so it wouldn't cost much postage-wise. Let me know if you want them. I'd be happy to help!

    mlbags asks: krustycrabcakes, thanks for this. I was considering getting a Chameleon and now I see your post! These look good and tho' we have a Muji in Singapore, I don't remember seeing them. Does any Singapore TPF'er knows where I can get these? Thanks,

    B]krustycrabcakes[/B] replies: mlbags, my friend saw them at a mall near Takashimaya (?? - sorry, I'll have to check with her). She told me they are more expensive than in Japan but if you factor in the convenience (since you have a store right there), it evens out.

    kopibaby adds: mlbags, i think krustycrabcakes could be referring to paragon. there is a muji in paragon...
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    Even more information from krustycrabcakes 2007 insert thread:

    krustycrabcakes adds: Here's a picture of the bigger one in my cabat. I opened it up so you can see the dividers. The great thing is, if you want to prevent lifting of your stuff from the sides of your cabat (especially from behind), you can tie it (in the second picture).

    the large measures 11"(L)3.5"(W)7"(H)