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  1. kcc--i wish they have a Muji in the States--the purse organizer does look perfect for a cabat and big bags that I have. thanks for sharing!
  2. how big is the large? I can't find any measurements.
  3. catabie, they are opening one in Soho in November!!

    cuteusername, the bag measures 11"(L)3.5"(W)7"(H)

    mlbags, thanks for the links, I'll check it out!
  4. too small for me. found something very similar on ebay that goes up to 15". If anyone else has bigger bags, search purse organizers on ebay and you'll find it - seller is in San Deigo, CA.
  5. catabie thanks for the info of the opening of muji in new york. love any excuse to go to soho.
    krustycrabcakes-thanks for the pictures of the cabat. your bag looks fabulous. i love the way the muji looks and all your other things look so organized and fun. i think the muji is better than the purseket for the cabat. i have the purseket and it makes the cabat too stiff. i like the sides to fold in. i also like the way it ties for added security. the muji looks perfect.
  6. krustycrabcakes-forgot to ask, are you enjoying your bags? seems like the cabat is working for you.
  7. you'd think I'd learn not to open these threads... my cabat need is sooo ignited at the moment :sweatdrop:

    krustycrabcakes your pics are lust-inducing, thank you!! :love:
  8. Haha, mundodabolsa! Totally understand where you're coming from! We can be Cabat Lusting Twins :sweatdrop:
  9. annie9999, thanks for the compliment - I really need those pouches to get all the stuff I lug around organized or my bags would look like a disaster zone. :shame:Plus, I'm quite a gadet queen so these organizers do a great job of preventing them from getting damaged!

    I am really enjoying my cabat, thanks for asking. Trouble is, I am always so tempted to stuff it and the sides won't fold in after that.

    BTW, my SA told me that the Ottone will be available sometime before Christmas due to the overwhelming demand! I've put an order for the medium. I wanted to ask you if you have had to take extra care with the metallic finish.

    mundodabolsa and Nymph, I'm lusting after annie9999's cabat! :drool:
  10. I don't discriminate, I lust after all of them :yes::lol:
  11. krustycrabcakes-i don't think the ottone should require any special treatment although i did spray mine. it is a great color and because it is goat is has a stiffer feel. l love it. mundodabolsa and Nymph-if you are considering the cabat do take a look at the ottone. krustycrabcakes-glad you are going to get the ottone.
  12. annie999, I was going to buy the Nocce in Vachette but when the SA told me about the Ottone, I was like, "Ottone first!" What kind of spray did you use?

    mundodabolsa, I like the way you think!!!:lol:
  13. just got the purse-to-go (the one I mentioned where the seller is in san diego: available on ebay) in the jumbo size AND the chameleon large. Chameleon large is way too small for my bag sizes (balenciaga day/balenciaga hobo/large veneta). Useless. The purse-to-go jumbo (15 inches long) is perfect! Highly recommend. They also have a large size around 11 or 12 inches long - I forget. Don't know if ebay links are allowed but you can find it on ebay, so if anyone has biggish bags, this one is great. Meanwhile, if anyone wants a chameleon - first person who PM's me can send me a self-stamped addressed envelope and it's yours for free.
  14. Haha! It was THAT useful, huh? I think you will find many who will take you up on your offer! I've heard many good things about the chameleon insert but I can't imagine it working well with the slouchy veneta shape. Ditto for the purseket, which I love but again hampers the slouchy hobo shape.