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  1. I saw in an earlier thread that someone suggested Button-ons to organize their BVs. I just wanted to share that I use these organizers I bought from Muji in Japan but I believe they are available online or anywhere where there's a Muji store (UK, France, US). They are great and come in two sizes and different colors. They have a zippered compartment outside and lots of dividers inside and the lining is light-colored so it's easy to find stuff in bags with dark interiors. I feel it also helps protect the lining of the bag. :tup:

    Here a link for more detailed pictures.

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  2. thanks krustycrabcakes that looks like it would be terrific in the cabat. i'll have to check out the web site. what size would you recommend for the medium cabat?
  3. I'd say you could just get one big one or 2 small ones. (I'll try to take some pics with my medium cabat). They're all easy to use because you just lift the handles and transfer it to another bag! I'm going to Tokyo next month so if you like, I could get some for you. They are real light so it wouldn't cost much postage-wise. Let me know if you want them. I'd be happy to help! ;)
  4. krustycrabcakes, thanks for this. I was considering getting a Chameleon and now I see your post! These look good and tho' we have a Muji in Singapore, I don't remember seeing them. Does any Singapore TPF'er knows where I can get these? Thanks,
  5. mlbags, my friend saw them at a mall near Takashimaya (?? - sorry, I'll have to check with her). She told me they are more expensive than in Japan but if you factor in the convenience (since you have a store right there), it evens out ;).
  6. Here's a picture of the bigger one in my cabat. I opened it up so you can see the dividers. The great thing is, if you want to prevent lifting of your stuff from the sides of your cabat (especially from behind), you can tie it (in the second picture).

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  7. mlbags, i think krustycrabcakes could be referring to paragon. there is a muji in paragon...
  8. Yes, Muji in Paragon is what I was thinking..... I'm gonna be that vicinity tomorrow afternoon and will surely pop in to see if I can find one.

    Yes, I would too think that even if it's more expensive, it would still be cheaper than if I were to order a Chameleon online and the convenience than getting it from Japan.

    Thanks for the lead, ladies. I'll report back if I have any luck in finding an organiser like this. I love all these 'organising' stuff.
  9. hi mlbags,
    any luck with picking up one of these from muji?
  10. Yes, I saw them in Muji Paragon.... there are 2 sizes retailing at S$16 and S$19 for the smaller size (yes, 2 prices for same size but in different colours??) and the bigger size is for S$26.

    Unfortunately, the sizes didn't work for most of my bags. It's either too small or too big. Having said this, I do like them and if the sizes do work, it's really a very good handbag organising tool!
  11. Haha! Different prices for same size of different colours?!?! :hrmm:

    OK - Thanks for the update. Will pop by and check it out when I am in the area. I can do with a couple of small ones for my larger bags. Excuse to go shopping again! :shame:
  12. Hi mlbags, I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. Where can you buy a chameleon? What does it look like?
  13. kcc, here's the link to Chameleon purse inserts/organisers

    The other well recommended one is Pursekets

    Here are some threads on TPF on the various purse organisers available. From the reviews, it seems Chameleon's the winner as the best purse organiser. Happy reading...
  14. mlbags,
    no chameleons in singapore right? are you intending to order online? do they ship internationally?
  15. Yes, they do ship to Singapore but I do not know the shipping cost as they told me it will be calculated by PayPal when I checks out the order.

    I've not placed any order yet as I have not made up my mind if one is really necessary for me.