Post frustrations!

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  1. Hi, everyone - I know there's nothing any of you can do for me, but I needed to vent my worry and frustration a little bit.

    A few weeks ago, I was able to find one of my two holy grail bags on Ebay. I (of course) bought it as quickly as I could justify it, and have since then been anxiously stalking the tracking information.

    The package was coming from the UK to me here in California, USA - what a long way to travel! The seller sent it Royal Post with signature required and delivery tracking, so I haven't been that worried.

    This morning I finally saw that my lovely bag had reached my local post office and should be to me some time today/tomorrow. Anxiously, I awaited the postman... and he's never come. Normally that wouldn't frustrate me at all, except for the fact that I have just logged in again to the tracking to see that the box has apparently been delivered an hour ago.

    The problem here is that (a) I know the address was correct, (b) I've double-checked my mail box just in case, and (c) I'm right next to the parking lot, so it's not like I would have missed the delivery. I can literally see the outside of my front door from where I've been sitting.

    No box. I'm freaking out more than a little bit, because this is a multiple-hundred-dollar box that's just floating around somewhere that the postal service now claims is delivered!

    I'm crossing my fingers that the box will turn up tomorrow at some point, but I have no idea how to calm myself down past this. This is so nerve-wracking!
  2. I did that too and I called the post office and they did confirm it was back at the post office. The mailman had forgot it in his truck ...scanned and he brought it the next day. As you can see I'm in CA as the post office tomorrow morning and ask
  3. Can you check the signature on line? That happened to me last week. Although i was in there had been a mix up and it was delivered to a neighbour! Hopefully there is a innocent explanation! Goodluck with getting your package, hopefully today!
  4. Hi Maels,
    I'm not sure if you're in the UK, but I've experienced a few times that if the posties are unable to deliver something in time but are on a time limit for delivery, they mark it as delivered and then physically deliver it later - very cheeky though, but it happens. Hope it comes soon!
  5. Yep! I was going to suggest this, our local courier for Hermes does this too, she has to get everything out for a set time so just marks it as delivered and doesn't come until late night, made me panic when I've checked the tracking a few times! Cheeky!
  6. Not sure how the U.S. postal system works but can understand the frustrations and annoyance this causes.
    When i bought from the US the longest it has taken is 2weeks and it drove me bonkers. Call up and find out and info and it helps to trace were your parcel is. Mine got stuck in the backlog in customs.
    Or check online if possible.
    Hopefully it will turn up.:smile:
  7. Maels - do understand how upsetting and frustrating this must be - but I wouldn't worry unduly....totally agree with the other ladies here - it has most probably gone back to the depot/back in the postman's van waiting delivery at another time - but the tracking service is very naughty to state it has been delivered! I had exact same situation with a parcel a couple of weeks ago - info on the website said it had been delivered - but it patently had NOT - and furthermore, they had next door's address on their records! - frustratingly there no way of getting a more recent update myself as is often the case with these wretched tracking services.....until the service emailed me the next day saying they were re-delivering! - and this time it was ok - after I had intercepted by alerting neighbour and ensuring they knew they were delivering to the wrong address......but Sue's idea of trying to check the signature on line is a good one - but, as kyliegul says, the Postman could well have signed, as said before, to keep to schedule, and then planned to pop back later.....hope all is sorted ok though x
  8. Don't panic, the same thing has happened to me on a Net-a-Porter order recently. I called the delivery service and they cleared it up. It's probably just a mistake.
  9. Well, luckily for me I was at home at the right time... my box just arrived! Not only that, but my postman didn't make me sign for it (which makes me worried a little bit if it *had* been delivered to someone else yesterday).

    Nonetheless, I am *super* psyched, and am about to open up! Get ready for a reveal ;)
  10. Just catching up on yesterday's goings-on...happy ending, brilliant! Off to check your reveal :biggrin: