Post for Socialite Murakami Hair Pins

  1. Hey Socialite!

    I found a pic I had taken previously of the hair pins...
    I will also take a better one of just the hairpins and closer up... but, haven't gotten to it yet, in the meantime, this is what I've got...

    Hope you enjoy!:heart:
    2 Panda agenda and friends.jpg
  2. Gasp! It drives me insane that I am so late to the LV game! I have superlong hair and LOVE hair accessories! sulking away now......:flowers:
  3. I bet you are truly beautiful Kitsunegrl, and these would look fabulous in your hair, not to worry, they might come to you someday, you just never know!!!
  4. wow those are so cute!
  5. ^^ Cute indeed!
  6. thanks Vee ! I love that pic ! :smile:
  7. awww. pretty :love:
  8. You're very welcome sweetie, I wanna do better, like do each character individually and the box (which is really cool), etc...

    never enough time... but, will do for you:heart:
  9. AWW I want those sooo bad.
  10. Wow, the hair pins look divine!
  11. those are beautiful ! i love the middle one the best.
  12. OMG those are so hot!!!!!
  13. They're super cute!
  14. I looove all the Panda stuff. I would love to get a Panda Trotteur, but everytime I see one on eBay, the seller always wants an arm and a leg for it.