Post feedback here about the Prada forum

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  1. I am in Prada to help out. Please post any suggestions for this forum. :smile:
  2. I wish it were feasible for Prada to comply by online customer's wishes when they make a request to ship a bag that doesn't have a *Made In* tag cut out. I decided to give them a second chance and lo and behold, I think they sent me the same bag that I previously sent back! Apparently they're short staffed in the distribution department, so when you order, it's a chance you take. Back it goes once again. :biggrin:
  3. Well don't I feel stoopid!! I thought this thread was for suggestions to help with our problems associated with Prada products. I should have read a little closer. I'll blame it on my allergy meds. :biggrin:
    Thanks Addy!
  4. ^^^ lol

    That was cute!
  5. I have requested a reference library which is now up. I will start posting threads of the various styles so please let me know which ones you want to see a thread dedicated to.
  6. Just bumping this if anyone has any feedback. :smile:
  7. Other brands have "What's in My Bag" threads. It will be fun to have here. It may generate more traffic.

    Just my two cents.
  8. Hi Addy how are you getting on with your medium saffiano tote ??

    Your pics are what made me choose the one with zips & I love it the zipped compartments come in so handy ;)
  9. Do you want it as pics only thread?
  10. Hi! I love it! It is such a classy bag. Did you get it in black too?
  11. I got it in caramel, I do love the black but have far too many black bags so this is a nice alternative.....I did a reveal :cool:
  12. Do you want it as pics only thread?
  13. thanx
  14. Can we have a "What's In Your Prada" section? Pics only.
  15. Sure!