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  1. So I was in New York City yesterday, and I was walking along with my boyfriend, when I saw someone with a White Multicolore Speedy 25...woah...back that truck up! They don't exist! I could tell it definately wasn't an SO because the canvas was all shiny, the colors were just wrong, and the handles were like this disgusting plastic material...and the color...was like some patina on crack or something.

    As if that wasn't bad enough, five feet later, a woman comes out with the identical bag in BLACK Multicolore and goes over to the first woman. I think they were mother and daughter...but YUCK! I thought I was going to be SICK!

    Just wanted to share my horror with you all! :love:
  2. The worst fake I ever saw was a Hudson in black MC... This nearly made me cry, because I own the "real" Hudson and I'm so in love with it as it's my first LV. This "creative" fake was so disgusting! :cry:
  3. I think those monogram ambre pochettes are pretty where close to what the actual mono ambre looks like..and plus..they didnt even make pochettes for it.
  4. Today while picking up a few groceries I saw an AWESOME (LMAO) monogram piano bag.. not only did it have little gold nubs for feet but had them all the way around the bag.. GAG
  5. That's funny because one of my best friends bought his girl an Ambre Pochette and an MC wallet, and he wanted me to tell him if it was real or not. He payed only $20 for each, and I told him, with that kinda price, you shouldn't even asked me. Both looked HORRIBLE, and I didn't even say anything to him. It's funny because she's the one who took him to this store who she says the owner gives her discounts at. She used to brag all the time that her man got her an LV bag and wallet. It took the life of me to hold in my laughs, because she HAS to know they aint real.

    Owning a real LV piece isn't about bragging, it's about appreciating what you have.

    I'm not familiar with the Ambre line, and I didn't even know they didn't make pochettes! That's the icing on the cake for me.
  6. I saw a girl with a black multicolor ellipse the other day. :lol:
  7. We went home (NY) for a few days and on the #1 train was a woman carrying a white MC Birkin-styled bag :nuts:
  8. ^^^ seriously???
  9. yes it was the strangest thing I've ever seen (pursewise, that is) and please dont shoot me for this if I had found someone who sold it I would have bought it-not to carry because I'm like the rest of you-anti-knockoff but it would have been fun to post the pic and keep it in my studio for laughs!
  10. aaaa.JPG
  11. lol! I really have grown to HATE how people are fooled at ebay! GerGirl, have you ever warned bidders or reported a seller?
  12. Wow, 15 bids. CRAZY.

    LOL it makes me laugh when people with fake LV bags go into the LV store and think that it's real haha.
  13. Yes, if there are sellers who more or less obviously sell fakes and says that it's authentic, I sometimes report them to eBay.

    A few days ago, there was a really good looking Cerises Pochette, I asked for more pics. I got one of the Date Code - saying that the bag was made in 2001. Didn't the Cerise line first came out in the end of 04 / begin of 05? :suspiciou
    There were many bids on it, so I reported the seller and eBay ended the auction. :lol: But he again sells LV's, at the moment a Denim Speedy and others:
    The Pochette was definetly a fake, so why should this be real? :hrmm:
    But on eBayUK it's much more worse, I think German eBay is trying...
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