Post ebay/website Hermes finds

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  1. I have a black box Bolide, a black box 28 HAC, a black box 35 cm Birkin and too many black Hermes bags in other leathers and exotics to list. Black is my favorite color. IMO it's a totally different bag in a 30 cm.
  2. Black box is great, but since you already have the 35cm, I don't think you need the 30cm... the 32 kelly is a completely different bag, so that's ok. If you didn't already have the 35, I would say PUSH THAT BIN!
  3. Very beautiful and rare to find retail. My SA tracked me down in the hospital in March (knee surgery) and I bought a miel croc 37 Bolide. It was $33,000. before the price increase.
  4. dear loveaddict, sandia exchange is a well-liked seller, and has been very open/honest with me when i had questions about her bags, so i think you should allow the possibility that the pictures removed were done so due to her discovering the erroneous impression they were giving (e.g., a shadow). that being said, i have not seen the pictures you found, so i am making assumptions. but based on her good reputation, i think you should write her directly and ask about whether there are any marks on the bag where you saw them in the photos. she can be trusted to clarify this for you. good luck on finding what you wish for!
  5. Originally Posted by zenith [​IMG]
    Seller: LadyAuthentic
    Item description: 28cm Bordeaux Box Calf Kelly GHW (year 1970 but in fab condition)
    BIN Price: US$3750

    Someone please grab this beauty!!

    you are so right, melliesmom.....this Kelly is absolutely breathtaking....if it was a 32, boy she'd be mine.....

    same with DQ's INCREDIBLE raisin chevre Kelly and barenia sellier 28 Kelly.....those two are also just mouthwatering.....

    and both sellers are such lovely ladies...

    I am so relieved both of these are 28s! Some lucky ladies will be very very VERY happy soon....:drool:

  6. this is good advice.....sandiaexchange will not hide negative condition from buyers....if anything, she over emphasizes small flaws and when the bag arrives you are even happier than you thought you'd if the pictures are gone, you can be sure they did not properly represent the bag....but pls do email her and ask...she'll explain the bag precisely to you, then you can decide for yourself about it. She's a wonderful seller and very gracious lady.

    About this bag - it has tempted me greatly...what a superb workhorse this would be....perfect neutral color....I love everything about this hard. to. resist such lovely deals!!! :P
  7. I second Katel's feedback on Sandia Exchange. If you are concerned, why don't you ask her to send you additional pictures?

    Katel, I'm also very tempted by this bag. The beige lining makes it special. :tup:
  8. Yep Perlerare/Ladyauthentic is WONDERFUL to work with--- honest seller, great items & often beautiful vintage pieces in incredible shape. :tup:
  9. I agree- I've purchased from SandiaExchange and she has ALWAYS been totally upfront. Are you sure it was a mark and not a shadow or something that really isn't even there?
  10. Quote:
    Originally Posted by Japster [​IMG]
    WOULD one of you PLEASE buy that Barenia Kelly from DQ and put me out of my misery???!!!! :roflmfao:

    I'm surprised the two of you haven't worked something out already, kwim.....?:graucho: With the right ctw, it could be a wash :P!
  11. I've looked at it about 10x a day since it was listed. Just wasn't sure about the weight of a 35cm Clemence as I wanted to use this as a work travel bag. Will someone please grab it so I can concentrate on working? :Push:
  12. me three about that gorgeous kelly.

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