Post ebay/website Chloe finds!

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  1. Seen anything awesome on ebay or on an authenic resellers site lately? Post pictures!

    They can't be your own auctions.
  2. oh fab idea Jag, will definitely post if I spot anything :yes:
  3. hmwe46, after seeing your blanc I have been lusting after one! I am worried that this one may be a tad big on my 5"2 frame. Anyone have the large pocket paddy?
  4. The blanc is really such a lovely color. :love:

    I am 5'5" so I can't help much, but I don' thtink this bag would totally overwhelm you.

    I will say, my paddy does get pretty heavy after extended wear :shame:

    But it's worth!!! I can't remember who but someone said it was like wearing pretty heels and suffering after your feet started to hurt, but damn they look good! :nuts:

    Also-- I think this is an early 06 bag so the leather might be nicer than you can get now...

  5. hmwe since you have the blanc, how would you describe the color to be? does it have any cream or pink tones to it @ all or is it just pretty much white? or is it slightly off white? how does it compare to the craie?
  6. I think it is very creamy, not a true white at all (I'll try to take pics of of it against my snow-white coat for comparo). It's very neutral, blends with all colors, so no pink or blueish undertones.

    Are you going to go for the ElizThomas bag??? :yes::heart:

  7. i was very interested, being that it was such an excellent price for a large bag & that she's a trusted seller here in the forum. but i didn't want a bag that was too white. so im a little hesitant. but you said it had creamish tones right? not a pure white?
Thread Status:
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