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  1. Nothing shocks me any more. I called one reputable reseller recently and asked about a Birkin that's been on their website for several months now. They keep raising it's price. I asked them if the'd lower their price and they said absolutely not. I asked why, since it has sat there for a few months. She said they'd rather keep it in their store and it's not about how quickly it's sold. I know I'm not in sales...but, uh, isn't the point to sell things??? What's the advantage of it remaining where it is??? Makes no sense to me.
  2. It seems like the more prices seem to climb, the slower these high end things sell. It seems to be across the board. In the real world, people only have so much money.
  3. Some of these newer resellers will eventually feel the pinch, because their lack of incoming cash flow will hurt their ability to buy new bags. At least I hope so.
  4. ^^ I agree, it is a lot of working capital to have tied up in inventory. Theres a cost there. Also it remains to be seen if new Hermes selling policies will have any impact on the reseller business model.
  5. if it makes you feel better it was a PM size :flowers:
  6. Well said, Bababebi. Their supply chain has to be negatively effected in some way - I think we'll see the impact over the next two quarters.
  7. Congratulations! You did the right thing for sure. It's a fantastic bag that'll last you a life time! I have a RV Picotin GM and have a pic up in the Ode to the Picotin thread in the clubhouse forum that captures its true color, I'd post it here but I think people are sick of seeing it as I posted as a reference for two other people outside of the Ode thread also :biggrin:
  8. I've noticed that too. I think some of the resellers are getting a bit greedy.
  9. That´s just 1K more. There´s a plain leather CDC from a reseller for 4500K, talk about mark up!! A mark up by 3.5K!!
  10. Yes, it was. It´s on its way to me:p
  11. You scored the lagoon cosmetic bag? Congratulations!!
  12. Thank you Carla! Congratulations for scoring it Kat, it's lovely!
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