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  1. This is crazy. It's interesting that they protect their name (of all things "GOODWILL") with a copyright yet freely participates in damaging someone else's copyrights. Makes me sooo not want to donate anything to that organization.
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    We need to get this seller pulled and fast! I usually never get involved even when I see fake Dior items, but this seller is selling tons of fake Dior items...and it seems getting away with it (how can they have over 500 feedbacks with almost 100% positive!). I feel soooo sorry for the buyer's! What do I/we need to do? Any assistance is sincerely appreciated. Thanks!

    Seller: [​IMG]wonsingsale

    Here's an example of just one Dior auction:

  3. go to page one of this thread

    it will say how to report items i think
  4. oh that wonsingsale guy makes me mad he said that all of his bags are authentic and asked me how i know his handbags are fake! what a liar! everyone that reads this please report him to eBay so we can stop him from selling! I can't believe he has 500 feedback and they're all positive!!!!
  5. Goodwill is a horrible company. The one in Oklahoma City got shut down like 10-15 years ago, cause these bored housewives started running it. They would mark everything up, then ring it up for less and pocket the extra money. People got suspicious when these home town bumpkin housewives started driving cadilacs. Ever since then, I stopped donating to them. I now give straight to my church.
  6. Wow I can't believe that they do that! i donate all of my things to goodwill... well I guess i'm nto going to anymore!
  7. lol ^^^ DIOK!!! :roflmfao: And someone actually bidded on it, they must realise its a fake surely, even if you knew nothing about bags it could at least say dior!!