Post Dior Fakes Here

  1. ^I saw that this morning while browsing eBay.. That Rasta is sooo horrible.. Yuck!
  2. Oh dear! This is really frightening!!

    As im only 20, and am yet to own my first designer bag - I have swooning from afar for years! (I decided my first designer bag will be a very special moment - bought from the actual boutique, and not online, to be sure of its authenticity.) So to the untrained eye, like me, I really had no idea how easy it is to create a fake!

    Ive seen some obvious fakes, but the majority are so deceptive - and at times, tricky to pick!

  3. Hello and welcome to PF ! :yahoo:unfortunately u r right about the fakes, but thats why we have the authenticate this and authentication tips thread - to help each other avoid fakes and report the darn fake sellers :busted! btw i love your idea of making buying your first bag you know which one its gonna be ? :graucho:
  4. Oh wow I have a few in mind...
    Something classically beautiful... perhaps a White Balenciaga First, a Louis Vuitton MC or a Chanel...
    I loved the one Paris was wearing in this photo.. You could use it for day or night :roflmfao: (bonus!)


    But it is a big shame about the fakes. I guess because its getting so much harder to tell, maybe if your in doubt, just dont bid. Then again, I think being in a Boutique would just heighten the pleasure of buying a designer bag!
  5. If this Dior Saddle is counterfeit (as I have been told), please sign up and email them that it is counterfeit. Or report them to Dior (if anyone knows how). I emailed to let them know it was fake and they emailed me back and told me not to email them again and basically to mind my own business. This is not eBay, it is another auction site, these items are donated to different stores and some of the stores sometimes play dumb to make money off of donated counterfeit bags. It is free to sign up.
  6. WOW those last two ^^^^^ are horrible I would help report but I don't know how.
  7. here you go hon :yes:

    First of all click Report this Item link at the bottom of the auction page on the left hand side.

    Then choose as follows : Step 1 Counterfeits and Other Copyright Violations, Step 2 Potential Trademark Infringement, Step 3 Counterfeit Handbags. Then click Continue.

    Click "E-mail us with your question or concern."

    when you get the message box open ( the number of the auction will be already there ) just SEND it , dont type anything else in there.
  8. Thanx nataliam now I can help report the horrible fakes I see when on eBay.