Post Dior Fakes Here

  1. ^ I saw someone selling authentic Dior Authenticity Cards on eBay. I bet the sellers buy them and match them with their fakes. They're getting trickier :sneaky:
  2. ^ That bag is soooooo ugly!:yucky: I can't believe someone is bidding on it. These sellers have guts to sell such an obvious fake.
  3. HUH??? PISHEMU is back guys!!!!

    I have reported plenty of fake bags on eBay...have never received any message back from eBay and the sellers continue to sell more bags...???any advice???
    am following the right procedure...get a thank you note from them and then they forget all about it!!:cursing:
  4. Sooo... here's the story.

    I got an email ... no a PRIVATE message from a member who wanted to sell me a hardcore saddle that she didnt want anymore. I wrote her saying I'd take a look at it, and hoped to encourage her to put it on ebay to get top dollar, as all know, selling on PF is strictly prohibited... well she did indeed email me, and boy oh boy- its not ebay worthy- its not canal street worthy.


  5. ^ A TPF member was trying to sell you a fake?! Has she been a member long and does she know its fake? You should probably report her.
  6. Iqa i am sorry that it happened to you ! :wtf::sad:

    I think you should report ths person to Vlad ...:tdown:
  7. ohhhh yea! as soon as she started haggling for $$$ I was like PEACE! you are 'sofa king banned'. and gone gone she is... insane these people! terrible fake to boot! I BET she puts it on ebay-:tdown:

  8. I think I saw this one on ebay! With only one pic! Awful!