Post Dior Fakes Here

  1. reported all ;)
  2. How can you tell with the gauchos? I mean some had weird lining but some I couldn't tell :confused1:

    Anyone got tips to spot a fake?
  3. just wanna point out.. there are a LOT of fake John Galliano tee shirts on eBay. :push: Its fairly easy to tell when one is fake... basically everything under 50 dollars is.. :p and the users probably all have negative feedbacks for fakes, like this one:

    anyway. that was sort of off topic... but just report some if u can ;)
  4. If you notice a lot of the fakes on eBay, the sellers show the authenticity card, but the writing on it is Gold instead of the black dior writing..
  5. just an fyi, older dior bags do come with the phased out authenticity cards that have gold lettering on it. (i think MayDay posted a nice list of the lines which could have authentic gold-lettered cards in the "authentication tips" thread). :yes: