Post Dior Fakes Here

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    that's amazing, these fakes on look so good. I am new here and amazed how could you recognize it? You are fantastic!
  3. You should report it to Ebay right away with reference to your own listing. In the future, I recommend that you watermark your images with your seller name so that people cannot use them as their own.
  4. There are a few inconsistencies that I cannot share on this public forum, because there are people who read these threads to seek information to make their fakes look more "accurate".
  5. I'm curious.

    1) Have any of you actually seen/felt a fake Lady Dior? How good/bad are they? Are the fakes getting closer (hopefully not)?

    I know in the context of Hermes scarves, the fake ones were really obvious upon touch and when seen in person (though sadly, that's improving). I've seen and touched fake Chanels and it's very obvious.

    2) There seem to be many sites in Thailand for the Lady Diors....I assume they're all fake because the sheer volume seems disproportionate. And I've got to believe the ioffer ones out of China are fake. Are these areas a categorical "AVOID"
  6. 1) It is not that easy to get the same plushness, rigidity, texture, and smoothness of Dior's lambskin, considering that most fakes are made of PVC made to resemble lambskin (even when the counterfeiters claim that their merchandise is made of real leather, it is actually not). Of course, that would mean that you would have had to feel the real thing first to be able to compare. Unfortunately for many people, they may not have felt that before, so there isn't anything to compare it to.

    On top of that, some sellers claim that a bag has been used, so people who find that the lambskin feels a bit different may think it's because of the age/wear-and-tear of the bag rather than the fact that the bag is fake.

    Visually, Lady Dior fakes have details that identify them as fake to the trained eye. But again, to an untrained eye, it's difficult to tell if the bag is real.

    So it pretty much comes down to how experienced a person is with a real Lady Dior, because a fake will have details that make it look and/or feel fake.

    As well, with Dior's superior craftsmanship, counterfeiters will never be able to make exact replicas where people can't tell them apart from the real thing.

    2) Most Thailand sites that I have encountered sell fake Lady Dior bags. I would definitely not buy from them.
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    Fake Lady Dior from ebay seller madamelilly or conncathy on bonanza

    item number: 170900633149




    it is strange because her other Lady Dior's on bonanza look authentic

    a few weeks back another fake pink patent lady dior was sold on ebay for $2,650 by ebay seller suikit1005 or slam2935 on bonanza

    same color and date code
  8. It makes me furious to see how some people are tricked into paying so much that they could afford an authentic pre-owned Lady Dior (or a brand new one if they are lucky). The buyers of these auctions may never know that the bag that they paid thousands for is fake.

    And Ebay doesn't do enough. In fact, what they have done is make the lives of legitimate sellers miserable. But the scam artists keep coming through.
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    OMG!!!!.the seller also have several other lady dior bags on ebay, one navy patent..definitely authentic(same bag selling on bonanza along with another couple of authentic lady diors) lady dior..definitely authentic...and 2x red lady dior which also seems looking at the weird appearnace of serial number, i asked the seller whether it is authentic and the buy it now price...she said it is real bag with buy it now price of 2990usd....i guess all her other bags are authentic...but still the bid gone too high already...she must have bought it from the previous seller without realising its fake...did anyone let her know or reported it?
  10. I already reported to ebay but they still haven't done anything. Sigh.

  11. i agree, the seller argues the bag is real when it is not....why dont they just do something about it if they know it is fake rather than knowingly cheat people?i am gng to report it too.