Post Dior Fakes Here

  1. This thread is ONLY for people to rat out Dior counterfeits.
  2. spending a lot of time on eBay forum i myself am trying to report every fake item our tpfers mention in the posts, but im sure im overlooking some of them ...and i DO know that some of those items we pulled off thanks to mass reporting from our PFers ! so lets rock n roll and make the scammers life harder it would be hard boring work but i guess its worth is a few for a start ...:smile:

    and this one with a stolen pic of real gaucho combined with a pic of a fake...

    do we all know how to report an item ? :smile:
  3. hmm, which subtopics do you select when reporting? because it seems like this situation could relate to a few of them...
  4. kk i`ll just go through all the steps:smile:

    First of all click Report this Item link at the bottom of the auction page on the left hand side.

    Then choose as follows : Step 1 Counterfeits and Other Copyright Violations, Step 2 Potential Trademark Infringement, Step 3 Counterfeit Handbags. Then click Continue.

    Click "E-mail us with your question or concern."

    when you get the message boc open ( the nmumber of the auction will be already there ) just SEND it , dont type anything else in there.

    good luck all !
  5. thanks :yes:

    k, this seller has a few Dior tee shirts, all fake.. the tags say "Cristian Dior" ... the seller also has several other (fake i assume) designer items (LV, balenciaga)

  6. reporting them all ! :smile:
  7. that was fast! pishemu: "no longer a registered user"


  8. cool ! that means - we rule ! :yahoo:

    guys please back us up i can only spot pretty obvious fakes ...we need experts here ! :smile:
  9. Wow I'm glad you all managed to get people chucked off. I have reported so many bags and eBay just send me the same silly automated message about not being able to verify wether they are fake. I've even offered to give them advice but them say they arn't allowed to take any advice from a non staff member. It really frustrates me that people are sat paying a fortune for bags which are just gross, icky and FAKE, YUCK!!!
  10. Currently there are 1,174 handbags listed. It shouldn't take us long to get rid of the counterfeiters!