Post deals or sales on eBay or other here!

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    This is the only thread people should post sale notifications here.
    This includes great buys or hard to find items.

    *Please* do not veer off topic in this thread.

    This thread is for STEALS and DEALS ONLY!!

    Please CHAT in the CHAT thread!
    Thank You
  2. Thanks Swanky! :tup:
  3. Matinee in Elephant
    $400 if code "grechen" is used
  4. Its actually the espresso/military green suede matinee. Not a bad price at all!! Too bad I already ordered so much. This color was my dream bag but I think I have gotten over it. I've convinced myself that there will be something in the new line that I will want even more =)
  5. I'd really like to get this but I have never seen a Matinee or that color IRL. I am worried I might not like it and be unable to return it. :confused1::shrugs:

    Decisions, Decisions!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.