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  2. okay, I'll be the first brave (or foolhardy) soul...

    Anybody else have problems with their Surprise Me? I sure as heck was surprised when I was carrying it on my gallery crawl yesterday. The removable O-ring inverted at the hinged section, springing out the wire that's supposed to stay inside the hinge, which then proceeded to scratch me and tear an Hermes shawl before falling to the concrete, thus scraping the heck out of the leather. So in the end, that one faulty ring wrecked a $1000 shawl and a $650 purse. Pretty spency tally for a cheap ring.

    What I want to know from other Surprise Me owners: Has anyone else had this problem? Is this a faulty ring or a design flaw?

    For the record, I was carrying a hotel room card key, a wallet, and sunglasses, so not much weight in the bag. And the gallery crawl was indeed that, a crawl. Not even remotely hard use on the bag.
  3. I had the same thing happen with my new EM Midi. You described it better than I could. One of the rings is fine and the other had this problem. I have already written to Jackie about it. Nothing was ruined because I noticed it before I wore the bag. I pushed the ring back into the closed position, but I have asked for a replacement ring. Would you mind if I copied the portion of your post that described what happened to the ring and send it to BE? It makes more sense than what I wrote.
  4. It would be just the part highlighted in blue, if that is alright with you.
  5. :Push:
    I haven't had this happen to mine so far (but it is quite new) but thanks for the heads up and I will keep my beady eyes peeled ... Hope both of you can get new rings asap.
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    Gga - Sorry to hear about this and I"ll definetely be on the look while wearing my SPM's. I haven't had this happen but I have only used a couple times so it's good to be aware of this issue.

    I didn't want to be the first one to report a quality problem but theres an issue I'm having now with my black crash IB midi that I'd like to mention since this discussion seems open. Just after a couple days I noticed on the back where theres a pocket and a snap closure that the snap was extremely strong and it's starting to almost poke a hole right thru my bag. Even the black crash leather has rubbed off where the back of the snap is outlined. I've tried to just keep it open but the closure is so strong that it closes so easily. Or if I don't close it then it will look a bit sloppy that way.

    Has anyone else had this problem with the black crash IB? If so, suggestions? Right now it's not terribly noticeable where the black crash leather has peeled off unless I were to point it out but it's getting very close to poking a hole thru and then I"m in trouble once that happens.

    I"m going to send an email out to Rose/Jackie this week.
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    It is a faulty ring. One of mine did the same on my Purple Sheen SPM (from the Limited Leather Sale) and Jackie sent me replacements (which are bigger than the originals but stronger).

    The rings on my original Pewter SPM were fine but that was from the first batch that was made.
  8. I would wait until you get the new rings before you use that bag again. Mine got worse and worse.
  9. I have had this happen on a couple of my bag rings. I think that they are not strong enough to be load bearing. On my WTM one cracked without warning and my bag and all it's contents hit the tarmac. I was not pleased. I have been sent some replacement rings, but I would be hestitant to get an Enchant Me with exchangable shoulder straps for example. The hinged, interchangable rings are just not hardy enough. I have also noticed the silver hardware gets cloudy when it rubs. I haven't had any problems with the gold hardware (so far).
    I have to say GGA that is awful. A bag, a shawl and you maimed in one accident.
  10. Can you take a photo Lovebags? I have to say this style is the one that interests me for next year, but I don't want to make an expensive mistake.
  11. Hi Pinkdiamond,

    Yes of course I can snap a fast pic for you here this week. I have to tell you though my root IB midi doesn't have this issue that my black crash IB does with the snap closure. Go figure!

    And then my black crash IB doesn't have the same issues that my root does - white scratches.

    I have a black crash EM on it's way to me now from the warehouse with the detachable rings. Should I be worried?

    On a brighter note tonight I've gotten used to the stiffer base from my black crash IB midi as compared to the root. Although heavier the pebbled leather just molded nicely and the black crash is definetely taken more time but it's not bothering me anymore as much.
  12. Well......don't fall back in shock, but Contessa is in Da House!

    Gga.....I have the SAME exacto problemo as yours.

    I purchased my new Black Crash SPM back in October and it has been unwearable since then due to the defective rings. To this day, I'm patiently awaiting replacements.

    Mine happen to tear a cheaper Tolani scarf, albeit, an artistic one that I adore.

    In any event.....I'm patiently waiting.....but disappointed.
  13. That's good to know, and makes me change my mind about buying a bag where the weight is held by removable rings until the problem is definitely rectified. I'm sorry to hear about your shawl and the scratches on the bag, that really sucks :sad:
  14. Gga, I'm sorry to hear about the harm done to your shawl and bag. I am glad that you've posted about it to make us all aware of the issue. It causes me concern as I wouldn't want to carry my WTM or WTM midi using the shoulder straps which uses these types of rings.
  15. I had this happen to another bag once and I used a glue stick to glue a thin piece of fabric over the magnet after testing the fabric choice for thickness, etc. It still closed but wasn't soooo strong. HTH