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  1. I noticed certain subforums post no longer counts towards the post counts. Can someone verify? Thanks!

    Subforums I've noticed so far: Board Games (all threads) and "What are you listening to?" tread.
  2. I know Board games does not.
  3. What happened? This was recently changed over the weekend (or at least that was when I noticed it).
  4. People have clearly been abusing OT forums to bump their post counts, so I put an end to it. :idea:
  5. Recent?

    I thought there were exclusions long ago? Or did you add more?

    I've never understood how people could legitimately get to such high post counts though. I do a few one liners and the occasional sole smiley, but not very often.
  6. He turned off the post count in there a long time ago, then turned it back on. But people are getting literally a 50+ posts/day in there solely to beef up post count.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.