Post Confirmed Spiaggia Sightings here!!

  1. Well... we know Pulse has it.

    So far, that's it.

    Interesting since their Amore order came so late.
  2. I can confirm that Lesportsac @ Ala Moana does NOT have it. HAHA. That should help Hawaii girls. LOL.
  3. It's weird... last time the first place anyone saw Amore for sale was eBay... and Pulse was really late getting their shipment. This time it seems like Pulse is the ONLY place that got it. I was sure it would be on eBay by tonight.... but so far... nothing.
  4. I know, I keep checking ebay since that's where I first saw L'Amore. I think I read somewhere today though that someone bought three Spiaggia bags somewhere in Florida?
  5. Florida, really? I wonder if it was the Lesportsac in Florida?? :confused1:
  6. Wasn't it the person who bought it in Florida bought it as a comic book/toy type of store? It wasn't a LeSportsac.
  7. I bet that Pulse got their shipment so early becuase of the problems they had with LeSportsac & amore. I know that when they were originally denied the extra shipments that their head called up & really chewed Lesportsac a new one, and got that day confirmed shipments of Spaiggia, Casey told me that it would be in around the 10th of May. But I bet that they sent it to them early to try and make up for their big time boo boo!!

  8. Not confirmed but...
    While doing a Google search, I came across that the Bear and Bird Boutique in Lauderhill FL just got their bags in. The images they have posted are the same as we have on the forum of a zucca (the perfect one with the fishes above the zipper). The other problem is when I go to their main web site they sell prints so I am not sure what is up here.
  9. Ha! Ha! That is exactly what Lesportsac needed a good kick in the a**! Seems to have worked they got their shipping a few weeks early! Good for us!
  10. i saw that last night too. when i checked the site, it said that they don't have an online shopping site yet but since they sell art prints online, maybe they would the bags? i dk for sure though.
  11. Oshun in Arcadia got their Spiaggias. When i was placing a phone order this afternoon, the manager mentioned to me if I knew about their new print Spiaggia that just came out. He was surprised when i told him I already got a Zucca! Anyway, I dont' know if they'll have them on the website, but I know you can call and do charge sends -or go there if you're in that area!

    Like Qtiekiki says.. Oshun, is the physical store of :smile:
  12. just thought i'd let you all know.. that lesportsac (or lesportsux as a lot of you call it LOL) in the beverly center got the spiaggia's in! :] place #2!

    i hope this means spiaggia will be dispersing all around so-cal soon! :] haha
  13. Oh great, that means they're going to be popping up everywhere soon! Ahh. I can't buy me a porta with my happy unicorn becuase I promised my bf I wouldn't buy toki for awhile to save for our car & life :sad: blahh.
  14. those buttheads, they were supposed to send me an email and they didn't!!
  15. isn't there a discount code for them somewhere??