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Jan 23, 2014
Started my small collection in January of 2018. I’m looking to add some damier azur pieces (specifically the Artsy, but production has stopped, so I might just get another Neverfull or an Iena) as well as the iconic Speedy - even though I’m more of a hobo/tote bag girl. Love seeing everyone’s gorgeous collections and excited about expanding mine soon!
Gorgeous collection!! I think you need a Speedy! [emoji173]️
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Sep 28, 2006
Oh wow, that's really interesting. I see you still have some of the same pieces. I see you have a Damier Geant, which is it?
Hi Fierymo!
I am replying to you in this thread to keep the collections thread photos only.
Several other pieces have come and gone over the years, if I'm not using something I tend to sell it to make way for something new I will use often! It is the Damier Geant Couguar tote, I love it, makes a perfect personal carry-on bag.