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  1. I just have to get a few things off my chest...:lol:

    yeuxhonnets, thank you so much for that thread!!! It's so useful and you look great with all of the bags!

    missypoo, you have sold me on the Damier Speedy. I love the way it looks with casual clothing...I must have one now!

    elle, the bosphore looks really nice! I never knew that it would look so cute...definitely something to consider!

    jane, I love the Saleya PM on you. It looks really pretty with the scarf.

    bagsnbags, because of you, I now need an Alma in monogram canvas...and a little black skirt...and a silver cuff....:girlsigh:

    sophia618, your baby is adorable!!!

    That is all...for now.:shame: :lol:
  2. awwww, thank you!:tender:
  3. thank you :tender:. consider it my own little contribution to the forum. i'm so glad it got turned into a sticky :yes:.
  4. I am so glad that it was turned into a sticky, too. I need to look at it everyday.:lol:
  5. I love that thread! Its like having a virtual stylist. Keep posting ladies! I've already used some great ideas putting together bags/outfits.
  6. I love that thread.
    And everytime I look at it, I drool all over my keyboard at mello yellow jen's Trapeze
    TDF :girlsigh:

    I can't believe that you can get an Alma on your shoulder.
    This was me when I saw that pic :wtf:
    Damn you and your skinny arms. I'm totally jealous

    the picture of your baby and that pochette practically makes me want to jump on PHH and attempt to conceive a daughter so that I can get her a mini LV bag.
    She's too precious. :love: :tender:

    Love that you started that thread.
    Every LV looks fab on you.
    Happy shopping :jammin:
  7. OOh, thanks for posting this, because every time I look at that thread, I have to restrain myself from posting how fabulous everyone and all their lovely bags look!

    Thanks for the pictures!!

  8. Rebecca this bag look so cure on you
    [​IMG] What shoes are these? I love them.
  9. bagsnbags, thank you so much for posting all of those pics! at first, I wasn't sure about this looping bag, but now I love the way it looks. :love:

  11. I just want to say I think everyone looks fabulous!!!! I love looking at all the different bags so you can see what they look like on.
  12. Thanks. :flowers:
    And the shoes are Steve Madden and the style name is Cristan. They're so comfortable it's hard to believe since they're pretty tall. I think they're still available on the Steve Madden site. I wanted the red patent ones SO bad but I'd already gotten the red suede ones and didn't really need two pairs of the same color.
    Here's the link:
  13. ^^ They looks great on you.. Are they true to size ?

    thanks for the link.
  14. You're welcome :smile:
    And yes, they're pretty true to size but they also come in half sizes which is helpful. I'd just follow this rule for these; if your feet are a little wider then go up a half a size but if they're more narrow, go down a half a size.
  15. Grat thanks. i see the ones you got are the wedges.. Very nice :biggrin: