Post Christmas Outlet Sale

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  1. Attention all shoppers (hehehe), I mean if anyone is planning to hit the outlets this weekend, could you please find out if the outlets are planning any good sales after Christmas?

  2. I would like to know as well!!
  3. I won't be getting to one beforehand, but I'll be hitting the AC NJ outlet on the Friday or Saturday after Christmas.. I'm hoping they'll have some of the deletes since the new floor set is out the day after Christmas!
  4. I know that this Wednesday they will have a new floor set and new items at my outlet. I will ask then lets see what they tell me. They just recently opened the outlets here so many of them know nothing.
  5. Really??? I will have to stop by mine to see if there are any good deals!
  6. I'd love to know also. I'm heading to Vegas the weekend after Christmas and will likely hit the outlets in LV and Primm. :yes: