**Post Bluefly codes/deals here!**

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    Please post any promo codes or deals for Bluefly in this thread.

  2. great idea!thanks!
  3. any codes?
  4. No codes but there is a special $10 off for any Google checkout.
  5. TWO FIFTEEN PERCENTERS!!! And these are NOT one time use. Well, you can only use them on one of your orders, but no limit to the number of people that can use them:

  6. Thanks!! Successfully used MISS232 on a caramel Rive Gauche - my first guilty pleasure! New to this forum and am hooked already. Money is already flying out the window!
  7. 10% off, not sure if its 1 time use or not though

  8. Thank you! Yay! A 15% one finally worked!
  9. SHOP333 for 20% off today.

    Hmmmm it says through that particular email. It's worth a try. Also, still $10 off Google checkout.
  10. 9E7BRP9 10% off - one time use

    I won it last 3/30 and it says it's valid for 2
  11. SHOP333 doesnt work anymore:sad:
  12. 3tbwej2
  13. These are one-time-use codes for 10% off a purchase of $100 or more at Bluefly.com:

    FRAZ84T expires 4/8/07
    4UEJACV expires 4/10/07
    A3KDPTC expires 4/12/07
    B7W7Y9U expires 4/13/07
    ETF8DBT expires 4/15/07

    Enjoy! Happy shopping! ;)
    use code: NEW168 :nuts:
  15. Prada Psycho - Thanks for the code. Just saved $40 on a pair of Louboutins.