Post-Black-Friday reveal

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  1. I had an eye on her back in May or June, when the BV outlet store opened in SF premium outlet. I visited the outlet today and she was in clearance for additional 65% off. Happily took her home today. Love the mustard yellow color! 5538336A-A4C3-45D5-8829-E7125E526189.jpeg
    Anyone know the name of this tote by any chance?
  2. This bag has such a chic runway appeal to it. Very sharp!
  3. As you know, many BV bags don't have an official name; this one is just 'shoulder tote'. The next time you stop in to the outlet, though, have them run the numbers on the tag and see if there's a more specific name. Very pretty color!!! :sunshine:
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  4. Very nice score! I like how it is structured but yellow - it shouted something like ‘I mean business but I am fun!’
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  5. Just curious, did your bag come in any other colors? Do you know if it was in the boutiques? Thanks!
  6. Hi Mousse,
    My SA informed that the bag was from previous season (from the boutique). I did some search online, and found out it's called 'bottega veneta ocre nappa tote bag'. They previously had it in grey and black colors. Also had a similar style (more vertical) in grey color. Hope this helps!