Post Bizarre Ebay Listings Here!!!!

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  1. Documenting strange listings may prove fun!!
  2. Is it ok to do that? I mean is it against forum rules?

    Not sure I want to be looking for bizarre stuff on eBay, I'm scared at what I might find :shocked:
  3. Oh gosh, I made a mistake and started two threads. I didn't think this one computed! How do I remove it!
  4. $40 for those socks? and private bidders? someone has a lot of time on their hands! and the first one - EWW GROSS.
  5. I am gobsmacked :wtf::wtf::wtf:
  6. they have bids too!
  7. what about those maxi pad flip flops someone posted a few weeks ago?

    they were two big thick pads with a bow on the top where your toes would go!!! ahhhhhh