Post baby body

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  1. My son is 14 months I breastfed him for a year I have stretch marks covering the front of my stomach with a pudge at the bottom and a few wrinkles and my boobs sag now I am so uncomfortable in my skin naked but I have no will to work out and eat right I try to talk to people about this ( family friends boyfriend ) but they all just brush it off because they don't understand what I'm going through I try working out but I don't know how and I can't really fit paying a trainer in my budget right now but I need help with learning how to work out properly & what works out to do to get my stomach back down etc. do anyone have any tips
  2. If you can't join a gym, what about trying at home videos? I think it is going to be trial and error for you. You need to find something you enjoy which is the only way you will stick with it....and then you need to be consistent with it. I gained 45 pounds when I was pregnant and I'm small to begin with. I had a 9 1/2 pound baby (now a teenager). I am a size zero. I assure you it can be done.m Consistency is key. Do you have any interests (fitness related) like dance? Pilates? weight training? group classes? Does any of that interest you? Some people find they have to go to a class. I personally work out at home as that has worked for me. For others at home workouts don't work.

    I think you need to prioritize how much time you can dedicate and what your fitness interests might be.